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Dear Wellsville NY: Stay great, stay safe, and stay strong


A letter from long time resident Mike Howell to his community:

There have been many great people who have made this southwestern NY village what it is today . The ambiance of history, today with yesterday, blends together like that of a Currier and Ives painting.

The far end of North Main Street seems untouched by time , with houses that provide us with examples of great architecture . Wellsville, NY was one of the great booming oil towns of yesterday and it has not lost that flavor.

From the great men and women who built Wellsville, to those who struggle today to keep it safe: We have a great community. Wellsville is full of people walking down our streets, waving with friendly greeting as they live out thier daily lives. Each authors of a story in small town America.

Most people of Wellsville would agree that the daily news in small towns all over the great United States have more violent crime and dangerous drugs than ever before. To the friendly men and women on our Ambulance crews, to those who fight the fires. We all thank you. For the law enforcement officers in the area who all do not consider themselves heros. A huge shout out to them: Thank you.

The great people of Wellsville continue to help keep it a wonderful place to live. To the parents who ask the hard questions and guide thier children to be good citizens. To the many people who give without any recognition and those who “see something, say something,” it takes a village.

I’m urging all to continue to play the role in improving our community and to help others learn how to be good neighbors and contributors to our little town.

Wellsville my hats off to you all. Stay strong and be kind.

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