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Big week for the Allegany County Legislature


Busy day of meetings on July 20 in Belmont

Full board meeting at the county fairgrounds on July 21

By Andrew Harris

Allegany County Legislative committees will meet this afternoon, culminating with a Committee of the Whole meeting. Below you will find a summary of each meeting with a link to the full agenda. Don’t forget all Allegany County public meetings of the legislature are live streamed on the county Facebook page

Resource Management

Legislators will receive reports from Soil and Water, the Youth Bureau, and Cornell Cooperative extension. Scott Torrey, Soil & Water Conservation Executive Director, will detail his departments current projects. Brian Perkins, Youth Bureau Director will be at the Allegany County Fair this week promoting bicycle safety. He is preparing for the first Students Against Drunk Driving conference since the pandemic. The monthly report by Laura Hunsberger of Cornell Cooperative Extension is comprehensive as always, detailing the many activities and initiatives that CCE provides the county. Read the full agenda with these reports.

Budget Committee

County Treasurer Terri Ross will present the latest financial information to the committee, namely the recent Sales Tax report. The county has enjoyed nearly non-stop increases in sales tax revenue over the last few years and that trend has continued. Sadly, NY State, sucked up much of the gains this quarter which should be discussed in more detail during the meeting. That sales tax report is included in this meeting agenda.

Planning and Economic Development

The committee charged with steering economic development in Allegany County will have detailed reports from director Dr. Craig Clark, employment and training leader Reita Sobeck-Lynch, and planning director Kier Dirlam. Read the reports filed by these department heads which will be discussed in the meeting. Click here for agenda.

Ways and Means

Nothing happens in Allegany County government without going through this committee. They approve almost every expenditure that the county writes a check for and account for all revenues. This meeting will be fairly ho-hum with a septic and water project, accepting an insurance check, and handling a referral from the Public Safety Committee. Read that agenda here.

Committee of the Whole

COW, where all legislators are present, will meet to wrap up the day in Belmont. General housekeeping, discussion of a nurse practitioner for the county jail, and planning for the annual full board meeting at the Allegany County Fair on are the agenda.

Full Board Meeting at the Allegany County Fair, July 21

An annual tradition of the board is to hold court at the county fair each year. Fairgoers can see government in action and politicians get a chance to shake hands and kiss babies. Here is the list of resolutions that legislators will tackle while at the fair:

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