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US Senator Chuck Schumer completes tour of every county in NYS, for the 25th year straight


Schumer has made 4500 trips as Senator to Upstate and Long Island since 1998

Read a list of accomplishments across New York

From the Office of US Senator Charles Schumer, pictured during a recent stop at Alfred University

During Schumer’s 1998 Senate Election Campaign, He Vowed To Visit Every Single New York County Each Year — Now, After 25 Years Of Keeping His Promise, He Is Marking Historic 25th Year Of The Tradition That Has Accumulated 4,500+ Visits To Communities In Every Corner Of New York 

Schumer: After 25 Years Of Traveling The State, I Am Not Slowing Down – And Promise To Continue Traveling, Listening, Learning and Delivering For New York In Bigger And Bolder Ways!

Marking the silver anniversary of his beloved tradition, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer today announced he completed his landmark 25th year of his annual 62 county tour, with his final stop yesterday in Columbia County. 

Over the past 25 years, Schumer visited Upstate New York and Long Island a whopping 4,500+ times with 112 non-NYC county visits this year alone. Schumer was the first New York public official to start a tour of every single county in New York, a tradition he has continued each year he has been in office.

“25 years ago, I made the promise to visit every county, but little did I know that this tradition would bring me across our great state over 4,500 times. From Buffalo to Brooklyn, meeting with New Yorkers from every walk of life on my tour is what inspires me, it is how I learn, and it is what motivates me every day in Washington,” said Senator Schumer. “This was a landmark year, and one of my most meaningful tours, as we got to see firsthand many of the historic investments we made from my CHIPS & Science Act, the Bipartisan Infrastructure & Jobs Law, the Inflation Reduction Act and more really start to bloom. We have delivered billions for long overdue infrastructure projects from roads to broadband, new cutting-edge industry and thousands of good paying jobs coming back from overseas to Upstate NY. All of that would not be possible without the knowledge and motivation I gain from the people I meet on the 62 county tour.”

“Whether it was standing outside the long abandoned Jamestown furniture factory that sat as an eyesore in the community and getting the feds to help clean it up, expanding broadband in the North Country, lowering healthcare costs for our seniors, or helping solidify Upstate NY from Buffalo to Albany as a growing hub for semiconductor manufacturing in research…This year was about helping communities big and small in every corner of the state lay the foundation for a brighter future,” said Senator Schumer.

Schumer added, “God gave me a lot of energy. Many people said that when I became majority leader, I wouldn’t have time for the 62 county tour, but even though I carry a bigger title in Washington and I now have to lead international trips on diplomacy, my favorite two titles will always be New York’s senator and a New Yorker. After 25 incredible years of traveling the state, I have no plans of slowing down anytime soon, and I look forward to continuing this tradition again next year.”

In his continued quest to deliver resources to every corner of Upstate New York, Schumer highlighted various accomplishments achieved over the past year by region below:


Secured a massive nearly $1 billion every single year with new Medicare Wage Index rule change to bring increased payments to rural and urban hospitals in every corner of Upstate NY:

Following years of relentless advocacy, Schumer announced in August that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) officially finalized a rule that will have an estimated nearly $1 billion impact for increased payments to Upstate New York hospitals every single year from the federal government. With this fixed rule, hospitals across the state will begin to receive the fair and full reimbursements they have been denied for far too long, meaning better healthcare for communities and families across Upstate.

Delivered the largest federal investments in broadband in New York State’s history – bringing high-quality internet to a record number of homes and businesses across the Empire State:

Schumer announced that New York state would receive a historic nearly $670 million in federal funding from his Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act. This is the largest single investment for broadband in New York State’s history and will be used for providing affordable high-speed internet to locations in New York that currently have no broadband service. In addition, Schumer also announced another $100 million in federal funding through the American Rescue Plan this year to expand high-speed internet across New York State. 

Sparked millions in investments for Upstate NY’s manufacturing sector and brought critical manufacturing in industries like semiconductors back from overseas to America – all spurred by historic CHIPS & Science Law:

Exactly one year after his CHIPS & Science Act was signed into law, Schumer highlighted billions in investments the semiconductor industry has already proposed and thousands of good paying jobs thanks to the historic legislation he championed for Upstate NY.Schumer crafted the CHIPS & Science Law with Upstate NY in mind to bring critical manufacturing in industries like semiconductors back from overseas to America, and over the past year, new investment sparked by the federal legislation he authored has breathed new life into Upstate’s manufacturing sector, including:

·       Micron has proposed an historic up to $100 billion investment to build a cutting-edge memory fab in Central New York, which is expected to create up to 50,000 good-paying jobs.

·       Wolfspeed near Utica recently opened the first, largest, and only 200mm silicon carbide fabrication facility in the world with over $1 billion invested in the Mohawk Valley.

·       Edwards Vacuum will invest $300+ million to build a 600 job U.S. dry pump manufacturing facility in Western New York’s Science & Technology Advanced Manufacturing Park (STAMP) to supply the semiconductor industry. 

·       IBM will invest $20+ billion in the Hudson Valley to increase its research and development (R&D) of technologies in the semiconductor, quantum computing, and other high-tech industries.

·       GlobalFoundries is considering building a second fab in the Capital Region, driven by the major demand for their chips, that will be a key supplier to the auto and defense industries.

·       Corning Incorporated, which manufactures glass critical to the microchip industry at its Canton and Fairport, NY plants, is considering expansion because of the support for suppliers in the CHIPS federal incentives that Schumer included in the CHIPS & Science law.

·       Menlo Micro announced an over $50 million investment to build their first domestic microelectronics fab facility in Tompkins County, creating over 100 new good-paying jobs.

·       Albany Nanotech recently landed a $10 billion public-private partnership with New York State and semiconductor industry leaders boosting a major new expansion with investment in the world’s most cutting-edge semiconductor machinery to the Capital Region, expected to create at least 700 direct jobs, hundreds of union construction jobs, and bolstering workforce training for this vital industry in NY.


Landed prestigious Federal Tech Hub Designation for the Buffalo-Rochester-Syracuse as region primed to grow America’s semiconductor industry:

After years of advocacy, Schumer announced that the Upstate cities of Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse won the federal Tech Hub designation he created in the CHIPS and Science Act, putting Upstate NY further on the road to becoming America’s semiconductor superhighway. The tri-city region was one of only 31 proposals selected across the country to compete for potentially billions in federal funding to boost Upstate NY’s workforce training, innovation, and manufacturing of semiconductor technology.

Delivered millions in critical pension relief for Western New York union workers and their families thanks to American Rescue Plan:

After years of relentless advocacy, Schumer announced that International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 237 would receive $32.2 million pension-fix payout from the American Rescue Plan – ensuring the 430 members and their families receive the hard earned benefits and the financial security they deserve. Schumer also announced the UFCW would receive about $400 million of the $764 million pension fund payout from the American Rescue plan, benefitting roughly 8,000 to 10,000 workers and retirees from Western New York at employers such as Tops, Sahlen’s and Wardynski’s.

Successfully pushed EPA to demolish and clean up Jamestown’s old contaminated Crawford Furniture Factory, a site with known hazardous contamination, following massive fire:

After standing in Jamestown to launch push to get feds to help clean up the old Crawford Furniture Factory, Schumer announced the EPA heeded his calls and is officially beginning clean up on the hazardous site. After a dangerous fire late last year, that potentially put public health at risk for the community, Schumer came to Jamestown to launch his push for feds to help take financial burden off local taxpayers and help remove hazardous materials at the site and demolish the eyesore so it could potentially become a site for new opportunity. The EPA is now beginning demolition of the former manufacturing facility at the Allen Street Development Site – knocking down, cleaning up damaged buildings and disposing of toxic asbestos from the deteriorating facility.

Secured Major Disaster Declaration for Winter Storm Elliott, the deadly December blizzard that devastated Western NY:

After his relentless advocacy, Schumer announced that President Biden had approved New York’s Disaster declaration for Winter Storm Elliott, officially providing the state and local municipalities with federal funding needed to boost recovery efforts. The declaration made over $2.6 million available to cover the costs of storm-related damages and emergency response for both New York State and in impacted communities in Erie, Genesee, Niagara, St. Lawrence, and Suffolk Counties, including Snow Assistance for Erie and Niagara Counties to reimburse for snow removal. The declaration also included Individual Assistance to cover funeral expenses for residents of Erie and Niagara Counties.


Announced Sullivan County received critical NY-NJ HIDTA designation following years of advocacy – securing major boost in fed crime fighting resources for Hudson Valley:

Following years of non-stop advocacy, Schumer announced the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) had heeded his calls and granted Sullivan County’s request to be designated as a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA). Schumer personally brought the Director of ONDCP, Dr. Rahul Gupta, to Sullivan County to announce the critical designation, which will finally provide access to the federal resources to help local law enforcement combat the opioid crisis in the Hudson Valley and stop dangerous drug traffickers.

Delivered $21 million to reconnect Kingston’s neighborhoods to the waterfront, create good-paying jobs, and revitalize downtown:

Following Schumer’s March 2022 visit to Kingston, where he vowed to secure $20 million for the city, the Department of Transportation announced a $21.7 million RAISE grant to boost transportation and transform Kingston’s Waterfront. Schumer wrote to and personally called Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to secure this award. Schumer said this long awaited funding will reconnect Kingston’s neighborhoods to its historic Rondout waterfront area to restore and revitalize downtown, create good paying jobs, and bolster economic opportunity for all.

Secured $1.8 Million for the West Point Fire Department after they had faced years of budget cuts:

After just two weeks ago standing shoulder to shoulder with West Point firefighters at the United States Military Academy (USMA) in West Point, Schumer announced that the Army heeded his call and reversed course to fully fund the West Point Fire Department (WPFD) after it faced years of staggering budget cuts that hampered operations. Schumer said that the Army committed $1.8 million – 150% of WPFD’s original request this year – to replace outdated emergency response equipment and give West Point firefighters the peace of mind and financial security they have desperately needed and deserved.

Landed Breeze Airways at Stewart International Airport:

After working to secure flights out of Plattsburgh, Schumer continued his push for affordable airline access and landed Breeze Airways at Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, making it the fifth New York State airport to provide services from Breeze Airways – all part of Schumer’s multi-year, multi-faceted plan to provide air services for all.


Helped launch CDTA’s new BusPlus Purple Line, a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Line with limited stop service along the busiest corridors in the Capital Region – boosting fast, accessible, and affordable transportation:

Following ten years of relentless advocacySchumer helped CDTA announce the launch of its new BusPlus Purple Line, which will provide affordable, dependable, express transit service for Capital Region residents and students along the Washington and Western Avenue corridors to Crossgates Mall. The Purple Line will connect riders to employment and entertainment centers across the route, connecting riders with downtown Albany, the city’s bus terminal, the Harriman State Office Campus, the University at Albany, the Albany Nanotech campus and Crossgates Mall in Guilderland.

Unveiled a new $1.7B investment into Watervliet Arsenal – the largest investment in the history of the facility – to modernize arsenal, upgrade equipment, and secure Watervliet as heart of Army cannon manufacturing:

Schumer announced that Congress and the U.S. Army would invest over $1.7 billion in the Watervliet Arsenal over the next 20 years—the largest investment in the history of the Arsenal—to modernize the facility, upgrade equipment, and bolster workforce to secure Watervliet as heart of Army cannon manufacturing for generations to come. This historic investment builds on the $230 million already flowed to the facility in 2023 in order to jumpstart modernization efforts in the factory. The last major modernization effort was done during the 1980s.

Announced historic new partnership between GlobalFoundries and Lockheed Martin – spurred by Schumer’s CHIPS & Science Act:

This past June, Schumer stood alongside GlobalFoundries’ and Lockheed Martin executives to announce their new major strategic partnership to advance U.S. semiconductor manufacturing and increase the security, reliability and resiliency of domestic supply chains for national security systems. This new partnership, a direct result of expected expansion of domestic chip manufacturing spurred by Schumer’s CHIPS and Science Act, means that chips Lockheed Martin uses in some of the nation’s most sensitive defense and aerospace technologies will now be made at GlobalFoundries by Capital Region workers. Schumer said this new collaboration between two of Upstate New York’s largest employers will strengthen our national security, all while supporting the 2500 employees GlobalFoundries currently has working in Malta as well as potential future expansion.

Announced $40 million awarded to New York-based consortium from the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Microelectronic Commons Program:

This funding is one of the first major CHIPS awards from Schumer’s CHIPS & Science Act and will establish the infrastructure of the hub, allowing partners to bolster workforce training programs for the semiconductor industry and add new state-of-the-art microelectronics equipment. The consortium, known as the Northeast Regional Defense Technology Hub (NORDTech), led by NY CREATES, the University at Albany’s College of Nanotechnology, Science, and Engineering (CNSE), Cornell University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), and IBM, will bring together academia, industry, and government organizations to help supercharge New York’s booming chips industry to spur innovation, attract new companies, strengthen the workforce, and bolster this industry, which is vital to America’s national security.

Helped unveil Plug Power’s new Vista facility:

Back in 2016, Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh and Senator Schumer made a deal—If Schumer could reinstate the Investment Tax Credit (ITC),  Plug would grow its workforce in New York. A promise made was a promise kept— Schumer secured the ITC in 2017, and in January this year, Plug Power opened its brand new Vista facility in Slingerlands which manufactures green hydrogen fuel cells; creating 1,600 good paying jobs in the Capital Region. Plug’s growth in New York was even more supercharged with new incentives included in the Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.


Secured a major investment of $68 million from General Motors for Rochester –  fueling revival of Finger Lakes auto industry and creating 100 new jobs:

After fighting to save the Rochester plant from closure years ago, Schumer announced that General Motors will invest $68 million at their Rochester manufacturing plant for the production of electric vehicle battery components that will position the plant at the forefront of the rapidly growing electric vehicles market as well as for production of components for GM’s next-generation Gen6 V8 light duty truck engine. The represents the culmination of years of efforts by Schumer to bring new work to the Rochester GM facility, personally lobbying GM, and creating new federal incentives to spur electric vehicle production. Sen. Schumer said Rochester’s production facility will now be at the heart of GM’s transformation to electric and that this work will help sustain their nearly 750 workers for years to come.

Saved over 200 union jobs after urging Tom James Company to buy former Hickey Freeman Factory:

After years of working to protect Hickey Freeman’s highly skilled, mostly unionized workers, Schumer announced that the Tom James Company, the largest U.S maker of custom clothing, would purchase the Rochester factory, maintaining nearly 200 union employees and promising to add up to an additional 45 jobs over the next five years. With the company struggling, Schumer directly called the Tom James Company and convinced them to purchase the historic, 112-year old facility, protecting the existing workforce and securing their commitment to grow the workforce of the newly dubbed “Rochester Tailored Clothing.”

Delivered $3 million to greenlight Rochester’s urban tree program and plant over 6,000 new trees across the city:

After visiting Rochester in May to launch his support for the city’s application to the USDA’s Urban and Community Forestry grants program, Schumer wrote to USDA Secretary Vilsack and successfully secured funding for the program to plant thousands of new trees across areas of need throughout the city. Rochester’s poorer neighborhoods and communities of color currently have 30% fewer trees than more affluent areas, leading to urban heat islands and worsening health disparities.

Successfully resolved Baxter International’s chip shortage, protecting the jobs of the company’s 300-person workforce:

After standing with workers of Baxter International in Orleans County promising to fight to help solve their microchip supply chain issues, Schumer announced that his relentless advocacy was successful and that the previous shortages that hindered production have been resolved. In August of 2022, the senator personally visited Orleans County to launch a two-pronged plan to address the microchip shortage. Schumer said that Baxter’s infusion pumps are classified as in “critical need” by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for the nation’s pandemic response, so it was crucial their manufacturing supply chain be preserved. Schumer began working with Texas Instruments, one of Baxter’s primary chip suppliers, to help prioritize components for their lifesaving medical devices. After months of work, Baxter confirmed that Schumer’s support was successful and they have the necessary chips to produce their infusion pump technology and preserve the company’s 300-person workforce.


Persuaded TTM Technologies to select DeWitt for $130M investment in state-of-the-art printed circuit board manufacturing facility expected to create 400 good paying Central New York jobs:

Following a yearlong site assessment process involving 27 markets in 16 states, Schumer and Governor Hochul successfully persuaded TTM Technologies to locate it’s new, state-of-the-art $130M printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing expansion facility in the Town of Dewitt. The expansion facility will be co-located on 24 acres adjacent to TTM’s existing production facility in DeWitt and is expected to create 400 good-paying manufacturing and engineering jobs, as well as an equal number of construction jobs during the design and build. This trailblazing investment furthers Schumer’s plan to transform Central New York into a global epicenter of semiconductor manufacturing by adding one of the nation’s first, specialized PCB manufacturing and advanced packaging facilities to the region’s semiconductor ecosystem. The 160,000+ sqft facility will manufacture ultra-high-density PCB’s for defense and commercial semiconductor applications. TTM will also invest in research and development that will further integrated-circuit substrate and HDI PCB technologies across the United States. The project will support around 400 construction jobs during development and construction of the facility.

Ensured Verizon can hear us now, successfully pressuring Verizon to get to work on fixing the infamous Oneida Street wireless dead zone plaguing Utica:

Standing side-by-side with Utica residents, small business owners, and public safety officials in April, Schumer sounded the alarm on a dangerous wireless dead zone that stretches along one of Utica’s busiest streets and impedes calls, mobile payments and even presents a public safety risk. After years of complaints from small businesses and public officials went unheard, Schumer turned up the volume by calling on Verizon to investigate the problem, meet with local officials, and come up with a plan to fix the dead zone. Verizon heeded Schumer’s call before the end of summer, engaging with the City of Utica, the Village of New Hartford, and Schumer staff to formulate a plan to fix the dead zone. Verizon identified the New Hartford Recreation Center site for a new tower, had engineers visit and evaluate the site, and worked with the Village of New Hartford to fast track approvals. More progress has been made in the few months since Schumer’s call to action than over the many years of effort preceding it.

Secured nearly $15 million for workforce development and training across Central New York and the Mohawk Valley:

After writing to Defense Secretary Austin, Schumer secured $5 million for CenterState CEO, the Griffiss Institute, Syracuse University and partners to build out the region’s defense manufacturing workforce. Schumer advocated for Syracuse University, successfully securing $2.5 million in NSF funding to attract, retain, and increase diversity and access for underserved populations in the region’s STEM workforce and $900,000 in BIL-powered DOE funding to become an Industrial Assessment Center. Schumer supported Mohawk Valley Community College by securing $2 million for a new, state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing training center at Mohawk Valley Community College and $440,000 in BIL-powered DOE funding to become an Industrial Advancement Center. Schumer secured $2 million for Onondaga Community College to create a state-of-the-art hospital simulation education and training center to address the critical shortage of health care workers and train the next generation of health care practitioners. Schumer secured nearly $2 million for the Workforce Development Board of Herkimer, Madison, and Oneida Counties to design, develop and grow a training program that prepares local job seekers for high-demand, high-quality career pathways.

Delivered over $13 million to revitalize urban tree canopies from Utica to Auburn and plant thousands of trees across Central New York:

After personally calling and writing USDA Secretary Vilsack to advocate for funding, Schumer secured over $13M to rejuvenate urban greenspaces in the City of Syracuse, the City of Auburn, the CNY Regional Planning and Development Board, the City of Utica, and Olmsted City of Greater Utica. With urban tree canopies across the region in need of a green thumb, this federal funding will help breathe new life into neighborhoods and greenspaces from Utica to Syracuse to Auburn by planting thousands of new trees, reducing extreme temperatures from urban heat islands, and connecting youth to good paying jobs that foster a cleaner, greener environment. The funding is made possible thanks to the historic increases secured by Schumer in the Inflation Reduction Act, which included over $1 billion for the UDSA to increase equitable access to trees. Funding for the City of Syracuse builds on the city’s 2018 urban forestry master plan, to which the city has already committed $2 million in federal dollars from Schumer’s American Rescue Plan.

Landed $46 million in National Defense Authorization Act for cutting-edge Quantum Computing and Unmanned Aerial Systems R&D in Rome:

Schumer reinforced his reputation as a champion of Rome’s Air Force Research Labs (AFRL) by securing $46 million in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to supercharge quantum computing and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) technology. Schumer’s efforts will advance AFRL’s pioneering R&D by supporting major projects, such as a quantum networking testbed and quantum cloud computing environment, a next-generation ion-trap quantum computer, a joint all-domain command and control testbed, and a multi-domain radio frequency spectrum test environment.


Landed prestigious Multi Domain Task Force at Fort Drum to reinforce the north country’s pillar of national defense:

After years of advocacy, Schumer successfully completed his mission to deliver a prestigious Multi-Domain Task Force (MDTF) for Fort Drum. When the Army first announced that Fort Drum was being considered for a MDTF, Schumer sent a letter to the Army supporting Fort Drum’s candidacy. As part of an all-out push, Schumer personally calling Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth multiple times to highlight Fort Drum. The MDTF combines land, air, sea, cyber, and space capabilities into one unit that supports joint forces and is essential to building joint readiness while strengthening interoperability with key allies and partners.

Announced largest-ever NBRC investment into economic development projects throughout North Country communities:

After he delivered major federal funding for Northern Border Regional Commission (NBRC) in the Bipartisan Infrastructure & Jobs Law, Schumer in August announced that New York State projects had received the largest amount of funding in the history of the program, to the tune of nearly $11 million for twelve projects across the North Country that address aging infrastructure, expanding childcare, training workers for good-paying jobs, increasing access to high-speed internet, and accelerating the economic growth of Main Streets across the North Country and Upstate New York.

Secured Critical Access Hospital Status for Alice Hyde Medical Center to Boost essential care for Franklin County communities:

Following his advocacy, Schumer announced in November that Alice Hyde Medical Center has been designated as a Critical Access Hospital (CAH) by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Alice Hyde’s new status will reduce the community hospital’s financial vulnerability amid financial and operational challenges for rural health care organizations in New York and across the country. Schumer has been a champion of the CAH program for years and successfully saved several Upstate New York hospitals at risk of losing their CAH status last year.

Delivered $17+ million for 400+ miles of high-speed fiber to bridge the North Country’s digital divide:

With far too many unserved and underserved North Country communities struggling to access the high-speed internet they deserve, Schumer led the charge to bridge the digital divide by securing millions in federal funding for the Development Association of the North Country to lay over 400 miles of new broadband fiber, bringing high-speed internet to thousands of homes, businesses, and community anchors across the North Country. Schumer secured $14,547,750 in through the NTIA’s Middle Mile Broadband Infrastructure Grant Program, which is powered by the IIJA’s record $65 billion for the expansion of high-speed internet, to expand nearly 350 miles of broadband fibers across the North Country for 2,500 unserved residences and over 280 community anchor institutions. Schumer also secured 2.5M from the Northern Border Regional Commission to complete a telecommunications project that will bring an additional 63.3 miles of new fiber, bringing affordable high-speed broadband to approximately 488 households in rural communities in Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence Counties.

Secured over $5 million to complete the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority’s Terminal expansion project:

After years of advocacy and millions in funding delivered, Schumer secured the final wave of funding for the Ogdensburg Bride and Port Authority’s (OBPA) long-awaited terminal expansion project. Currently, the Port of Ogdensburg can only accommodate one ship coming into port and unloading at a time. With this over $5 million in Port Infrastructure Development Program funding, the OBPA will be able to complete the Ogdensburg Harbor deepening that Schumer secured funding to kick start in 2021, add 500 feet to the west side dock wall for a second vessel berth at seaway depth, and expand storage facilities for increased cargo capacity. These upgrades will allow the Port of Ogdensburg to accommodate two or more ships coming into port and unloading simultaneously, equip the port to transport larger cargo more efficiently, and improve supply chain resilience. To make this award possible, Schumer secured $662,203,512 in FY’23 PIDP funding, including over $450 million in the IIJA and $212 million in the FY’23 budget.

Landed Breeze Airways at Plattsburgh Airport:

Following Schumer’s long history of fighting for affordable air service to Upstate New York, and after his letter to the Breeze CEO, Schumer announced that Breeze Airways will begin to offer flights out of Plattsburgh International Airport—connecting North Country families to affordable air service.


Secured $50+ million investment from Menlo Microsystems to retrofit a Microelectronics Manufacturing Fab and create 100+ new good-paying jobs in Tompkins County:

After personally calling the CEO of Menlo Micro, Schumer announced the company heeded his call and will invest over $50 million to build their first domestic microelectronics fabrication (“fab”) facility in Tompkins County, creating over 100 new good-paying jobs. Menlo Micro’s next-generation switch technology are a vital component of the microelectronics industry, supporting the growth of the domestic semiconductor industry across Upstate NY that is being driven by Schumer’s CHIPS and Science Act.

Secured Federal Tech Hub Designation for Binghamton to become the nation’s next hub for battery innovation, research, and manufacturing:

After delivering historic federal investment to jumpstart Binghamton’s growing battery hub last year, Schumer announced that Binghamton University’s New Energy New York (NENY) project won a highly-competitive federal Tech Hub designation, which he created in the CHIPS and Science Act, officially recognizing the region to lead the nation in battery innovation and manufacturing. Binghamton is now part of an exclusive group of only 31 regions in America eligible to compete for significant federal funding.

Secured $1.2 million for regional workforce development effort to help 135+ workers access jobs in advanced manufacturing and construction trades:

After personally writing to the Department of Labor Secretary, Schumer announced nearly $1.2 million for Ithaca Area Economic Development through the U.S. Department of Labor’s Workforce Opportunity for Rural Communities (WORC) Initiative to expand existing and establish new career readiness programs that are expected to connect at least 135 workers for entry-level, good-paying jobs in advanced manufacturing and the construction trades. 

Delivered $400,000 for Delaware County Line-Worker Training Program to power hundreds of good-paying jobs and upgrade critical infrastructure:

After visiting Delaware County earlier this year to launch an all-out push, Schumer delivered $400,000 through the Appalachian Regional Commission for Delaware County Electric Cooperative in partnership with SUNY Delhi to develop an advanced line-worker training program, which is projected to train hundreds of workers for good-paying jobs improving electricity service, expanding access to affordable clean energy, and upgrading telecommunications infrastructure in rural communities across Upstate NY.

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