Wiser’s Wramblings…His-Hers in Some Spaces


By Chuck Wiser, I write the words to share what my eyes see and my heart feels

As I gathered my utensils, necessities, as in coffee mug, and my wits about me and headed to my writing couch I did the all-too-familiar side step dance with my wife as we both attempted a clear path out of the kitchen. I would step left facing her, as she stepped her left; slide, slide, two steps back, as the dance director would say. In 1992 we added an addition onto the kitchen end of the house to gain enough room so we could more easily move around. Well, of course then we added a 4 Ft, X 8 Ft. “island” right in front of the sink, in the middle, creating a one passing lane on one side and a no-passing lane on the other. Over time unofficial “His-Her” areas of occupancy have developed.  Fortunately, the most important “His-Hers” designation was assigned to the bath-rooms. Mine, as I have alluded to previously, is the designated reading and thinking room.

I believe I have previously mentioned the “Wiser Jinx.” If we (my wife) find a TV show we like, they cancel it. If we find a product we like, they discontinue it. It has happened again. My wife took a liking to the Walmart Great Value brand of Ginger Snaps cookies. There was an interruption in their availability for a time several months ago, so she tried the Nabisco “name brand” cookies but didn’t care for them. A week or so later her preferred brand was once again available, so she was happy. A few weeks ago, her desired brand disappeared off the shelves again and she is now without. Whether they will return or not is yet to be seen.

On the topic of “Name brand” vs “Store Brand” there are several other Walmart “Great Value” items, along with Tops brand items that we prefer. Giant’s “Best Yet” brand items are also preferred over traditional “Name Brand” merchandise. I realize that some of these products come from the same national, even name brand, “supplier” but there is a distinct advantage in price. There are a few things where no compromise is allowed despite any savings, and that would include Miracle Whip salad dressing and Peter Pan peanut butter.

There’s really only one area where I won’t compromise and that is in the purchase of soft drinks. I don’t have a real preference of Pepsi vs Coke but there are flavor and amount of carbonation differences, each of which I prefer at times, so I stock both flavors. I do, however, never buy at the tagged individual product purchase price. These two items have “Buy Two Get Five” (B2G5) sales frequently so I purchase either at that time. I do not like, nor drink, water. It’s fine as a major component of my preferred beverages but that’s as far as I will take it. My real preference was (and would be) “Beer,” but that “ship left” a couple of years ago.

Scanner Update: Numerous calls and responses to Irons Road off County Rte 31. Scio, Amity, and Friendship town lines all seem to intersect somewhere in that vicinity so “responders” from each, or multiple, of those towns might be called to respond there. Domestic disturbance calls to both there and most other areas, seem to have increased exponentially lately. Latest of note was from “a child, who was calling to complain that her father was going to cut off their internet.”

With the warmer temperatures, area pets seem to be in abundance, and I must admit that at times, when they are left unattended, and perhaps unnoticed, their barking can disturb the peace and solitude that we normally enjoy.

 My hat goes off once again to Emergency Services dispatchers and I am amazed at how they do their job, and for the most part keep things straight and on track.

My only criticism might be for a couple that might, out of frustration or impatience, let their voice inflect that emotion. Maybe a little worse, but that can be understood, is the apparent sound of complete boredom and/or disinterest sometimes heard as a notification goes out. Two people, whose voices were readily recognizable, and, who I knew from past working experiences, never expressed either of those characteristics. I won’t mention names, but I venture to guess that any former or current Air Preheater employee from the 70’s or 80’s knows of whom I speak.

It seems from a “mental standpoint,” that my weekend now goes from Thursday afternoon, after having submitted my Wrambling’s writings, until Sunday night. There is a relaxation in the knowledge that I have no more deadlines or commitments during that time span. My writing this for “The Sun,” while somewhat is a commitment, is of my own choosing, is a pleasure, and a luxury to share with you, and is by no means a “chore.” I look forward to doing this and through the preceding week I make a note of things that are on my mind, that I might write about. If all goes as planned (by me), and my “table of contents” appears above, this is my list for today.

Last week I mentioned that “pockets” were a garment feature that women would like in other apparel. In that same vein, wouldn’t it be nice if men’s sweatpants had an opening, zippered or not, in the front. Speaking of zippers, it seems like they are falling victim to the same fate as belt loops whose numbers have decreased as a cost savings initiative. Zippers, especially in strategic locations, even in the best name brand garments, are now being made measurably shorter. I know it’s a “guy thing,” but you can imagine why this could be a discomfort.

My trap and release varmint hunting seems to already at the mid-season stage. I have already had the pleasure of several visits, and have given courtesy rides to two raccoons, two skunks, and two possums. Makes me feel like Noah did when filling the Ark. I’m pretty sure the “two by two” number will change. There is/are (*) a pair of foxes but they, so far, haven’t bothered me. Not sure that the rabbits that used to be in the area would make that same claim.

My grammar usage is often mentioned in conversation with those who, gratefully to me, read my articles. “I ain’t poifect,” as Yogi Berra might have said it, but I detest making errors, and when or if I make them, it is usually unintentional, unless it’s not. If in doubt I try to learn what is proper. My comment above (*), has caused me to run to my “Grammar Made Easy by Google” reference more than once regarding “is vs are” when a words “plurality” is in question such as with “pair” vs “Pairs,” or the appropriate “I vs Me.” Normally my “sounds right to me” correctly differentiates, but sometimes neither “is”, nor “are”, or “I” vs “me,” or both, sound right. Confused?

Seems that there has been a recent change in how group pictures are displayed, or at least how, or if, the participants are identified, especially in printed media such as newspapers. More and more, the individuals portrayed are not listed or identified by name. I’m not sure if it’s a “privacy” issue or just not the willingness or ability of the posting entity to get the names. I suspect that if a person likes their picture there in the first place, then they would like to be identified.

Brush fires continue to be a problem, which sadly is almost normal for this time of year. Outside burning, with some minor exclusions are banned until May 14th. You not only endanger the woodlands, and fields, or even buildings and residences, but you also put the lives of the “responders” at risk.

Engineering/Physics question pops to mind watching people rolling their lawns. Does it matter, or affect the effectiveness of the rolling, depending on the speed that the roller is pulled over the grass? My gut tells me that slow is better than fast. Either is better than half fast, I guess.

April is National Poetry Month and various organizations and entities celebrate same with contests or showings. I have had the honor of having won awards for some of my poetry in the past. I must admit that on at least two or three occasions my poem being accompanied by the work of a local photographer has enhanced my opportunity. Craig Braack, John Kucko and Dan Jordan have all helped illustrate my poetry, by graciously allowing the use of their pictures as illustration. I will share photo’s of/with each to end this version of my Wrambling’s.

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