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NY DEMS: Gambria reads the tea leaves


State Senate Candidate Renounces Lee Zeldin and “The Party of Donald Trump”

This weekend, a new analysis from Buffalo News discussed former County Executive Joel Giambra dropping out of his race and leaving the Republican party, renouncing Lee Zeldin and his far-right extremism, “when Zeldin triumphed as a Trump ally on June 28, Giambra finally saw the light. There was no room for him.” The article highlights just how out-of-touch Zeldin is, with his own party abandoning him and the GOP ticket instead of running with the “Party for Donald Trump.”

Read the key excerpts from the Buffalo News below:

Buffalo News: Analysis: Giambra reads the tea leaves

By: Robert McCarthy 7/10/22

Former County Executive Joel Giambra recognized that metamorphosis first hand last week. He ended his bid for the State Senate, said he will change his party registration from Republican to unaffiliated, and pronounced he no longer wants anything to do with the Party of Donald Trump. […]

“I cannot stand with party leaders who double down in their support of the NRA after yet another mass shooting; who applaud the decision to take away a woman’s right to choose, and who encourage the elimination of LGBTQ rights,” he said in a surprise move, adding that he cannot continue in a party that a few days earlier nominated for governor a candidate – Rep. Lee Zeldin of Suffolk County – aligned with the former president. […]

Last week Giambra finally recognized the GOP had passed him by. Over the past few years he proposed running for all kinds of offices, including governor, never recognizing that his self-proclaimed “moderate” label would never survive a primary. When Zeldin triumphed as a Trump ally on June 28, Giambra finally saw the light. There was no room for him. […]

All of this gains new significance as reports indicate Trump may announce his 2024 presidential candidacy as early as this month. But it is interesting to note that a quick survey last week of Western New York Republican chairs about Trump and another term failed to gain even one commitment. […]It all points to a party that remains under the former president’s spell. Some, like Zeldin, cruise to a primary victory while embracing Trump. Others, like Giambra, reject the party because of Trump. And the local chairs don’t seem to know quite what to do.

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