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Santa comes early for Allegany County employees, listen to audio


Allegany County legislators announce $1000 holiday bonuses for many county staff member

Michael T. Baldwin reports

Allegany County workers will receive a Christmas bonus. Thanks to the American Rescue Plan funding, full-time county employees are expected to receive a retention incentive bonus of $1,000 this year and part-time workers will also get some extra cash. The county Ways and Means Committee unanimously approved the incentive. Chairman Brooke Harris outlined the pending resolution:

Legislator Harris then asked for comments and lawmaker Dwight Healy chimed in with his support, noting “this is non-county dollars.”  Healy added that “many of our employees went above and beyond during the COVID crisis:”

To be clear, while the funding from the federal American Rescue Plan is not exclusive Allegany County taxpayer money…it is taxpayer money. The plan passed the US Senate by a vote of 50-49.

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