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By Lacey Gardner

Tragedy in Alfred NY: 29 year old drowns in private pond accident


Michael T. Baldwin Reports

An Alfred Man died Tuesday evening in a drowning incident at a private pond on Randolph Road in the Town of Alfred. The incident was reported at 5:57 p.m. Tuesday.

State police tell The Wellsville Sun that 29-year-old Joseph Torkaman jumped off a dock into the water. After he resurfaced a short time later, he appeared unresponsive. Investigators said family members jumped in to rescue the man. Alfred Police and a uniformed trooper also entered the water to bring the man to shore to a waiting Alfred Ambulance. Life-saving measures continued, and the man was rushed to Jones Memorial Hospital in Wellsville, where he was pronounced dead.

The State Police Investigator called it “a tragic accident.” The body was later transported to Olean General Hospital for an autopsy, which would likely be conducted Wednesday.

Police said there was nothing suspicious with the death, just “a tragic loss.”

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