Roller Derby is Back in Town


Photos and event roundup

By Dan Jordan, Jordan Photography & Consulting

Roller Derby returned to Olean Saturday (6/25) if only briefly.  Enchanted Mountain Roller Derby (EMRD) whose team goes by the Hellbilly Heartbreakers, battled a very tough team from Rochester, NY (ROC).  The result was never in doubt, as the ROC team was highly skilled and brought more skaters than the local team has rostered.

The Heartbreakers’ team, the league, and frankly, the sport were decimated by COVID two years ago.  Schedules cancelled, teams barred from gathering for practices, and time away from the sport conspired beat down a thriving sport.  EMRD is in the process of rebuilding and putting together a team to rival those dominant teams from just a couple of years ago.  Teams from larger cities like Pittsburgh, PA used to come to Olean and be dominated by the Heartbreakers.

EMRD reaching out to the public, looking for people interested in skating/competing, skating as referees, and even non-skating officials.  EMRD can be reached at  Or check them out on Facebook (search for Enchanted Mountain Roller Derby), where you can message them to inquire.

EMRD is a non-profit organization which contributes to local charitable organizations.  A portion of the gate from each bout is donated.  Over the years, many thousand of dollars have been directed to these organizations, allowing them to continue their missions.

Flat track roller derby is an off-the-hook exciting full contact sport!  These women train hard and are legitimate athletes!  Attend their events! Volunteer! Join the team! Donate! Sponsor! So many ways to help local charitable organizations survive and prosper.

The following photos are from Saturday’s bout against ROC.  The first is of this year’s team.  The second is an action shot showing two EMRD skaters putting the hammer down on an ROC skater.  Heartbreakers shown are Dali D (team captain) and Allie KaSlam (alternate captain).  As can be seen on the facial expression of the ROC skater, the hits are real (and often result in bodies flying).

EMRD jammer BiPolar Bear is the recipient of a hard hit, sending her tumbling.
EMRD Jammer (jammers wear stars on their helmets) Belle of the Brawl vies for space with the ROC jammer, while EMRD pivot (stripes on helmets for pivots) Kimchi Killa takes out an ROC blocker.
ROC jammer uses a spin move to avoid the block of Full Metal Jackie (#516) while the unidentified EMRD gets a face full of floor after a hard hit by ROC blocker #424.

Dan Jordan is a professional photographer, free-lance writer, marketing professional and team photographer for EMRD.

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