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NY DEMS: 5 questions need answers before tonight’s GOP debate


Lee Zeldin and Andrew Giuliani will debate ahead of the June 28 primary election

In tonight’s GOP primary debate, New Yorkers will watch as Lee Zeldin and Andrew Giuliani put on a messy show of Republican infighting and far-right extremism. This debate will define the chaotic Republican primary and show just how dangerous and out-of-touch New York’s leading GOP candidates truly are. Instead of answering questions on the issues that matter to New Yorkers, Lee Zeldin and Andrew Giuliani will instead focus on their top hits, promoting far-right conspiracy theories, attacking abortion rights, and pushing a dangerous, pro-gun agenda. Ahead of the debate, both candidates must answer the following questions:

If elected governor, will they roll back abortion rights for New Yorkers?

New York has some of the strongest gun laws – will they keep these common sense gun safety laws or choose to put New Yorkers in harm’s way? 

Will they continue to promote election conspiracy theories and endorse Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ about the 2020 election?

Will they denounce far right hate groups like the Long Island Loud Majority and the Proud Boys?

Will they implement discriminatory policies like Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill in New York? 
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