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Health Department: Catch the bat!


Warmer weather means an increase in bat activity

If you find a bat in your home or camp that may have been in contact with a person or pet, please CATCH THE BAT! DO NOT RELEASE IT!!! A child, an older adult, someone who is speech impaired, or someone who is sleeping while a bat is in their room may not be able to tell you if they were bitten.

Things to remember:

  • How to capture a bat.
    • turn on room lights and close the windows
    • close the room and closet doors
    • wait for the bat to land
    • wearing heavy gloves, place a coffee can, pail or similar container over the bat
    • slide a piece of cardboard underneath the container or against the top of the container, turn it right side up and tape the cardboard tightly to the container.
  • Download a video on how to catch a bat at (box on upper left side of page).
  • Keep your pets’ current on rabies vaccinations!
  • Contact the Allegany County Department of Health- Environmental Health Division with any questions about rabies – 585-268-9251 or 585-268-9263 or 585-268-9710
    • If you need to leave a message, please leave your name, a telephone number, and the reason for your call.
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