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Early morning in Wellsville, by Melissa Scott

Next Friday June 10: Award-winning film by Wellsville artists to premier at David A Howe


“And Still We Rise” is choreographed by Kate Martelle, filmmaking by Nick Davis

By Andrew Harris

Two key members of the Wellsville community joined forces last year to create the film, “And Still We Rise.” The film takes place on Main Street Wellsville, set in the community gardens of the Fassett Greenspace Project.

You might have heard about the film, or watched some of the rehearsals at the gardens, but did you know this film has won over a dozen awards all over the world ?

Kate Martelle, working on this project separate from Martelle Dance Studios, designed the dance and worked with dancers until the group became a finely tuned dancing machine. I personally watched several of the rehearsals at the Fassett Greenspace and it was like watching people float in the air.

Filmmaker Nick Davis, who operates Genesee Valley Media, is the man behind the camera and was recognized along with Martelle. Davis’ work with drone photography was recognized for “Best Drone Video” at the NY International Film Awards.

Friday June 10th in Wellsville the David A. Howe Library will host a local premier of the film at 6pm. After the premier, the cult dance film, “Hairspray” will be shown on the big screen in the Nancy Howe Auditorium. For a flavor of the award winning check out the video below:

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