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Wellsville mother and son duo will travel on mission to Kenya next month


Pictured is Shaye in Kenya in 2009

The Reagan’s will be traveling around the world in June for “Mercy”

Wellsville’s Shaye Reagan has a very big trip planned with her son. As a board member of the Rehema Home and a lifelong world traveler, this opportunity was irresistible and now, 13 years since her last trip to Africa, she has the perfect adventure partner. Reagan’s son, Harrison will be going on this mission with mom. Here is the overview of the purpose, the trip, and how you can help from Shaye and Harrison:

“This June, Harrison and I will be travelling to visit Rehema Home in Kenya! For all my adult life, my heart has been stirred for the people and land of Africa.  I spent time in Liberia in 2006 and led a group of college students for a month in Kenya in 2009 (pictured above).  Now, I’ve been given an opportunity to return – this time with my son! 

Harrison with his little sister Cadence

What is Rehema Home ?

Rehema (Swahili for “mercy”) was birthed in 1998 after Irvin and Ruth Schwandt, missionaries to Kenya, felt compelled to respond to the crisis of orphaned and abandoned children suffering in overcrowded government institutions.  At the time, there were 4 toddlers.  Now, Rehema is home to nearly 100 kids, though it is far from an institution.  “Uncle” Irv and “Auntie” Ruth, along with a small team of missionaries from all over the world, care for these children as one family.

Wellsville Full Gospel, our home church, has enjoyed a long-term relationship with the Schwandts and Rehema Home, dating back to its inception.  Some members of our church have even visited Rehema Home!  As part of this family that spans the globe, it is my honor to tell you that last fall, I accepted a position on the US-based Board, which is primarily responsible for fundraising.  (As you can imagine, providing clean water, food, medical care and education for 100 kids can get expensive!)  As part of my commitment, I am travelling to Kenya to visit and connect with the adults and children who call it home.   I am asking for your help.

How you can help the Reagan’s mission

The first – and most important – way to help is to learn about Rehema Home ( or find them on Facebook & Instagram).  I can personally attest to the fact that it is composed of genuine people who are spending their lives on behalf of those in need.  In my first 6 months on the board, it has been such an honor to see an organization run with integrity and excellence.  Your money actually meets the very real needs of these kids.  I’d be honored to talk with you more about this.

Shaye has worked out a deal with Immaculate Conception School in Wellsville to have a drop box located in the back door of the school in the breezeway. The following items are needed most and can be dropped off anytime before June 3rd.

 New socks and undies, and shoes that are new or in perfect condition.  I don’t have the particulars worked out, but am really happy to do so at any time.  We have just 5 weeks before we leave and I would need all donations no later than June 3rd for packing and weight restriction purposes.  Oh – and the climate there is warm, so no need for boots of any kind.

People have been very generous, so our trip is fully funded.  However, I’ve learned it is prohibitively expensive for Rehema to purchase things like socks, shoes and underwear for the kids in-country and a poor use of donor funds.  As such, we are encouraged to take as much as we can handle of that sort of thing with us.  The biggest request is for new or like-new shoes for kids, toddlers up through age 18.  There are 100 kids between 2 sites and I am hoping we can get shoes on every one of them. 

Questions or need to talk with Shaye about helping? Email her anytime,

Financial support can be made payable to & mailed to:

Wellsville Full Gospel Church (memo: Kenya trip)

    2221 Hanover Hill Rd.

    Wellsville, NY 14895

If you’d prefer to give using a credit card: ð Give tab ð Kenya trip*

*if you choose “missions march for Rehema” you will be supporting Rehema organization directly (yay!) rather than this trip

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