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By Lacey Gardner

Allegany County Legislature meetings planned for April 20


Resource Management, Budget, Planning and Economic Development, Ways and Means Committee Agendas

By Andrew Harris

Four key committees of county government will meet Wednesday April 20 in the county legislative chamber in Belmont NY. The committee structure is where the sauce gets made, so to speak. If you are interested in following local government, the agendas and subsequent meeting minutes are essential reading. Here we have summarized the agenda for each upcoming meeting:

Resource Management

The highlight of this meeting seems to be the extensive monthly report submitted by Laura Hunsberger, Executive Director of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Allegany County. As the main county resource for the agricultural community, this is a busy operation. “CCE” manages key groups like 4H, the Master Gardner, and several nutrition programs. From the county fair to the classroom to the berry bush, CCE has a big impact on our county. You can read the full monthly report in the link to the minutes below.

In other committee business, Dwight Fanton will be re-appointed to the Region 9 Fish and Wildlife Management Board.


The financial successes that Allegany County has realized over the last few years is not an accident. Even the critics of our county budget have compliments for county administration, leadership of this committee and the Treasurer’s office. Last year this committee crafted a budged that included a tax cut, affirming the success of the “Curt Crandall” era. That success has been buoyed by a historic sales tax glut as millions of dollars are realized from the sharp increase in online shopping, and inflation. This month’s report from Treasurer Terri Ross continues that trend, reporting that so far in 2022, Allegany County has banked nearly a million dollars more than in 2021. View the entire spreadsheet in this agenda:

Planning and Economic Development

If you often wonder, “What is Allegany County doing to improve our economy?” then this committee is the place to start. All of the key development offices report to this committee in detail on a regular basis. Rieta Sobeck-Lynch provides an update on helping county residents find good jobs, and helping county businesses fill openings. Planning director Kier Dirlam give updates on this work with tourism, the county planning board, and working to secure funding from available state grants.

Perhaps the most interesting reporting is from Dr. Craig Clark, the executive director of planning and economic development and the county Industrial Development Agency. Clark’s work ranges from negotiating incentives for new businesses to preparing future “shovel-ready” sites for future development. A good overview of the work done by the planning and development team in Allegany County can be found within the agenda below:

Ways and Means

While all the committees of the county legislature help “make the sauce,” only one committee actually pays the bills. Before the full legislature can approve spending, the Ways and Means is charged with analyzing the expense, reconciling it with the budget, and approving the expenditure. It is a very important function of our government and this committee is considered the most powerful in the government by nature. This meeting will have two important elements, the first of which is the distribution of mortgage tax revenue back to municipalities. For example, the town of Wellsville is set to receive over $76,000. The second major news that is expected to come from this meeting are some major changes to personnel policy. Changes to paid-time-off policy and benefits for part-time employees are being instituted. To read the agenda details:

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