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Scam Alert from The Computer Clinic of Wellsville NY


By Roger Ramsey, owner, Computer Clinic

SCAM ALERT 4/8/2022

**** IMPORTANT ****

There is an active scam running where the customer receives a phone call from “Microsoft” saying there is something wrong with your computer and they want to check your PC.

DO NOT allow them to access your PC! The call is NOT coming from Microsoft. Microsoft will NEVER call you to report a problem with your PC.

The scammer will ask the customer to buy Gift Cards and then have the customer read the numbers from the back of the card.

NEVER EVER continue a transaction when Gift Cards are used as payment for a product or service.

We have had 5 customers this week that have been taken advantage of by the scam group. Most of them have had funds withdrawn from their account AFTER purchasing Gift Cards.

Your bank will NOT be able to get your money back if you purchased Gift Cards as requested by the scammers.

Another customer received a call from “Publishers Clearing House” saying that they won a grand prize and the customer needed to send $1000.00 to them to receive the award.

The Computer Clinic called Publishers Clearing house. Their representative said “no one will ever call regarding winning a prize”. “Only designated employees of Publishers Clearing House are made aware of who prize winners are”.

If there isn’t the Publishers Clearing House van isn’t in front of your home, you did not win.

Money is tight for nearly everyone and the scammers know that. They also know dangling a huge check in front of someone is tempting and that people will fall for the scam.

Be carefull! You shouldn’t need a helmet to surf the web. The Computer Clinic hopes that this information saves someone from being taken advantage of.

Roger Ramsey

Owner – Computer Clinic 4194 Bolivar Rd.

Wellsville, NY 14895

585 296 3687

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