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Larry Sharpe is coming to Andover NY Friday September 30


Meet the Libertarian candidate for NY Governor at the Kum Essa farm

From Lisa Knorowski

Are you one of the 57% of people who think we need a third political party? If so, come out to meet Larry Sharpe, the Libertarian candidate for Governor on Friday evening at 5pm in Andover at Kum Essa, 4946 Co Rd 12(Jericho Hill Rd) in Andover.

Larry has been a longtime Libertarian champion, but really a champion for any third party. In New York State, the mere existence of a third party on the ballot is in question. Recent changes to election laws have made it nearly impossible for anyone but Democrats and Republicans to get on ballot

The folks at “Unite NY” explain the situation best:

“Getting on the ballot as a candidate in New York is much harder than it should be. Purposeful obstacles for ballot access such as high signature requirements and short petitioning windows create unnecessary impediments for viable candidates and, in turn, discourage the possibility of candidates who represent the real interests of voters. In 2020, legislation was approved that tripled the petition signatures required to qualify, and to get a statewide ballot line. The number was increase from 15,000 to 45,000; that’s more than the population of Binghamton! This resulted in five of NY’s seven minor parties losing their statewide ballot line status. This—along with short-notice redistricting developments leading into 2022 elections—has created an incredibly uneven playing field for non-major parties to navigate.” See more at

Larry himself talks about this issue in the exclusive interview with Andrew Harris early this year:

Larry Sharpe is a veteran, husband, father and entrepreneur who wants to help keep people in New York. A few years ago, Larry, was ready to flee NY and head south like so many currently are. But then the Marine in him decided he should stay and try to improve the State he loves. Larry ran for Governor in 2018 and is now running a write-in-campaign. His decentralized and liberty focused policy platform will encourage a very diverse state like New York to enable individual communities to decide whats best for themselves without top down bureaucratic force. Larry also has a podcast, The Sharpe Way, where he will talk about current issues and solutions. Larry and his team have been working to put together a policy platform that offers proven solutions that he encourages others to utilize.

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