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School board candidate Jenise Cicirello letter to Wellsville School District voters


“I am a direct individual who is not afraid to ask questions or offer differing opinions”

To the Wellsville Central School District voters,

First of all, I would like to thank Andrew Harris and the Wellsville Sun for giving us this opportunity to be heard. I note that the current board has 5 men and 2 women representing our children.  In this election, there are 4 women vying for a spot on the board.  Balancing out the board with both moms and dads of current students will only benefit our children.   

Given that I am a transplant from Binghamton and some of you may only know me as Scott’s wife, let me give you some of my backstory and qualifications…I am a college-educated, career woman who has spent 19 of her 29 year career as a public servant, serving in various capacities in the legal field from secretary, paralegal, Court Assistant, Deputy Chief Clerk of Allegany County’s Family Court, to my current position of Chief Clerk of Allegany County’s Supreme & County Courts. In my current position, I oversee the daily operations of County Court, which includes Drug Court, and Supreme Court, which includes Integrated Domestic Violence Court (IDV). I collaborate with the other court supervisors in annual budget preparation.  I also supervise staff members who are covered under a Collective Bargaining Agreement and maintain solid relationships with those union members. 

In previous years, I was a municipal and litigation paralegal for attorneys who represented 15 of Broome County’s Towns and Villages.  The municipal portion of my job was similar to the school’s District Clerk in that I prepared Public Hearing Notices, Propositions, Resolutions, Advertisements for Bids, Board Agendas and Local Laws.  I also published, filed and/or recorded the same as was required by statute.   

When I relocated to Wellsville, I worked for Wellsville Central School and was tasked with duties in the District Office, Bus Garage and High School Office.  During my tenure, I learned the inner workings of the District Office and became familiar with our school’s policies and procedures.  I still maintain healthy relationships with many of the school’s staff. 

I moved here 12 years ago to be with my (now) husband and his children.  We have since had a child together.  We discussed living elsewhere, but ultimately, we decided on Wellsville because all 3 kids would be together and Wellsville was a small town with community pride and traditional values.  Today, traditional values are often scoffed at and ignorance is assumed – that simply isn’t true. I will stand up for the values we have instilled in our children and if you embrace those values like I do, I hope you will vote for me.  My children deserve an effort being made and that is what I hope to do.  I am a direct individual who is not afraid to ask questions or offer differing opinions.  Forcing myself and others to think differently will allow us to explore ways to make WCS be the best school it can be and to provide the best school experience for our children. 

Thank you,

Jenise Cicirello

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