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Wellsville turkey trot trouble, watch video


Two domestic gobblers are making Route 417 east of Wellsville home. Let’s save them!

By Andrew Harris, photo by Jeanne Harris, video by Katie Harris

You might have seen these new stars of social media in person or on Facebook. Two twin male turkeys have been making the parking lot of Wellsville Hardware, aka Worth Smith, home. As the days grow longer, they become more aggressive: Turkey mating season starts last week as you can tell from this video.

The owners of Wellsville Hardware were asked about the sudden turkey business and told our affiliate, Katie Harris, that they didn’t really know much other than the obvious. The pair of gobblers live across the street from Wellsville Hardware and spend the day strutting back and forth across the main road, a busy road.

Whoever the owners of the these turkeys are: The will be killed in traffic any day now, please either take the necessary precautions to pasture them, or allow them to be rescued to a secure home. It is not fair to allow their seasonal instincts to result in their demise due to a lack of human care.

If the owners of the birds is reading this please call Andrew at 585 610 5258. It just so happens that the Wellsville Sun has a poultry rescue farm on the property. We’d rather not disturb our beloved Tompall(a resident senior citizen turkey,) but will make accommodations if necessary to avoid the untimely death of these beautiful guys. Full size turkeys doing mating displays in the middle of a state highway is a danger to motorists as well.

Help if you can, send us the info and we will help!!

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