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Village of Wellsville meeting tonight at 6pm


Lots of “Nothing to Report” from village leaders according to agenda provided to public just four hours ahead of meeting

By Andrew Harris

Below is the reported agenda for tonight’s Village of Wellsville meeting with Mayor Randy Shayler, village trustees, and department heads. Based on this agenda, provided only four hours prior to the public meeting, this will be a very low key meeting. The Mayor will ask for approval for a YMCA 5K run, Trustee Gary Pearson will ask for approval to “pay the bills,” Trustee Ed Fahs will ask for approval to purchase technology for the water treatment facility.

Beyond those three action items before the board, every other trustee and department head indicate on the agenda that they have, “Nothing to Discuss.” From an interested onlookers perspective this lack of village business seems strange. Trustee Monroe, also the Deputy Mayor, has been charged with creating a “cannabis committee,” to study the emerging industry and bring potential stakeholders together. Trustee Roeske is the village liaison for the faltering fire protection contract negotiations with the Town of Wellsville which appear to be headed toward litigation. Neither trustee appears to be planning on providing an update.

The Chief of Police, the Fire Department, the Public Works Department, and Code Enforcement officer are all in the same boat, “Nothing to discuss.” You can include the village attorney and treasurer also, they have nothing to report to the taxpayer. Considering some of the outstanding issues that exist in the village, the lack of public discussion is odd, and disappointing.

Hopefully this agenda was just hastily put together and the meeting will have more substance. Hopefully the police chief will repeat the news of recent commendations by state authorities for the public record. Ideally the Fire Department will be giving the public an update on the department, applauding volunteers, and announcing new taxpayer-funded training or equipment. Since Dean Arnold is new on the job at the Public Works department, it would be great to hear an update on how the new job is going. Considering how busy local contractors have been, the Code Enforcement department surely must have more to discuss than nothing.

The Wellsville Sun welcomes all local public officials to communicate with the public via this website. Although the “Sun,” isn’t designated as the “official” media outlet of the Village of Wellsville, the majority of the residents are regular readers.

Tonight’s meeting agenda is below:

Pledge to the Flag

Accept the minutes for the Regular Meeting held on February 14, 2022.



  1. Request acceptance and approval of the Application for a Special Event Permit for the Wellsville YMCA Color Run 5k.  The run is scheduled for Saturday, May 14, 2022, beginning at 9:00 am until done and will be run on the side streets between the YMCA and Island Park.



  1. Request acceptance and approval of the vouchers as listed in the Abstract of Vouchers dated February 28, 2022.
  2. Request acceptance and approval of the Treasurer’s Report, bank reconciliations, posting journal and financial reports for January 2022.

MONROE: Nothing to Discuss

ROESKE: Nothing to discuss


      1.   Request acceptance and approval of Resolution No. 21/22-21, To Purchase

            Phase I and II of Aquaritrol WTP Software & Hardware, subject to permissive



      1.   Nothing to discuss


      1.    Nothing to discuss


      1.   Nothing to discuss


      1.   Nothing to discuss


      1.   Nothing to discuss


      1.   Nothing to discuss

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