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Five questions Republicans need to answer before the New York State GOP convention


Nassau County, NY: With the New York State GOP Convention commencing today, New Yorkers can expect Republicans to tout the far-right’s greatest hits and fringe conspiracy theories that have done nothing to move New York forward. In 2022, Republicans are still trying to win votes with the same repackaged version of “Trumpism” that incites the division New Yorkers have consistently rejected. 

Ahead of today’s convention, the Republican Party of New York needs to answer the following questions for voters:

1. Will they recognize Joe Biden as the duly elected president and condemn the Jan 6 insurrection as an assault against our democracy?

2. Will they commit to protecting reproductive rights in lieu of dangerous legislation passed by Republican held legislatures in Texas and Florida?

3. Do New York Republicans agree with commonsense gun safety laws such as federal legislation mandating background checks and mental health screenings which, according to experts, would create safer communities?

4. Do Republicans plan to resume their efforts to gut health care and strip away coverage from millions of New York’s most vulnerable?

5. Will New York Republicans condemn Donald Trump’s praise of Vladimir Putin and the 2016 RNC platform that omitted the tenet which supported supplying arms to Ukraine in order to deter Russia aggression ? The New York GOP primary is getting more chaotic and shows no signs of providing solutions to help the middle class. Regardless of which candidate passes the Trump litmus test and emerges as the Republican nominee, it’s clear they’ll be carrying the banner for an agenda that does nothing to help working families and the middle class.

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