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By John Tucker

It’s time to take inappropriate conduct and sexual harassment as serious as stranger danger at Bolivar-Richburg


By Stephanie Dunn, BRCS parent and alumni

The Bolivar-Richburg School district has recently launched an investigation, because of a teacher who has (allegedly) displayed inappropriate behavior toward a student.

Our school district has provided a sexual harassment policy, which is supposed to provide our children an environment free of sexual harassment and intimidation.

I’m here to speak out as a former student and now a parent in the school district.

As a former student, I had a similar situation happen to me by a science teacher that is still employed at the school. I reported the incident to the guidance counselor, and nothing ever came of it. Looking back on it, I don’t think they even investigated it.

So, this teacher has been able to stay at this school for all these years and continued to (allegedly) make inappropriate comments, touching and looking at students inappropriately for years.

I know that I have not been the only one that has complained to the school about this teacher throughout the years. As a parent, this is sickening that nothing has ever been done. 

The thing is, people who act on this type of behavior, prey on the shy, quiet, kids that don’t say much in school and may not have the best home life. That was me in school and being only 14-years-old … who’s going to believe me?

The guidance counselor who I trusted at the time, obviously didn’t believe me enough to do anything about it. I went to him and explained to him what happened to me in class and was told it was being looked into, but when I went back to follow up on it, I was told nothing was going to be done.

So, as parent-to-parent, if you have a child, male or female, who is quiet and shy, talk to them about any inappropriate behaviors that may make them feel uncomfortable. And if they experience (inappropriate actions) by a teacher or anyone else, encourage them to, as loud as they can, call that person out, right then and there. Because the reality is, the kids that do that will probably never be victimized.

It’s basically the same as when our children are taught “stranger danger. Yell to get others’ attention.

As a parent of a student in the school district now, I want to see real change. People need to be accountable for their actions, our school needs to show us that they are doing the best to keep our children safe from these types of behaviors.

It’s sad when the school is stricter about reinforcing the code of conduct then it is about there sexual harassment policy.

It’s also sad that the past and present victims of this behavior are basically punished by being taken out of the classes these teachers teach.

It has also deterred parents from putting their kids in these teacher classes also, and they should not feel like they can’t put their child in a class in fear that the teacher may try something.

We need accountability and change, just because the past administration didn’t make things right, doesn’t mean they can’t start now. 

Contact district Superintendent Michael Retzlaff today and have your voice heard:

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