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Interview: John Anderson to attend Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles after the Wellsville Sun earns NFL press credentials


By Andrew Harris

John Anderson is everywhere. On any given day you can find him in a different venue across the country, he gets around. My guess is that in 2021 the man traveled through twenty states and hundreds of cities and towns. The John Anderson travel itinerary for 2022 just announced a big trip: Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles, California. I sat John down to talk about the sports fan pilgrimage and the latest feather in his cap at the Wellsville Sun.

WS: Can you tell readers about the big news regarding our newest sports credentials?

This past week, we received word from the National Football League we are approved as a credentials media outlet for NFL football.

I have already talked to photographer Steve Harrison about the NFL combine and Buffalo Bills NFL draft coverage from Orchard Park. We hope to cover training camp and the Bills next season.

What other credentials has the “Sun” racked up?

The first credentials we were approved for, and to me, the most important, were from Section V and New York State athletics. Covering local student-athletes is part of the foundation of every successful local news outlet.

From there, Ryan Martinelli was approved to cover NASCAR Cup Series at the Glen.

St. Bonaventure University credentialed us for the 2021-2022 season as well.

Is it true you are going to the Super Bowl as a Sportswriter for the Wellsville and Hornell Sun news sites?

As an NFL writer, I was approved. I did switch my outlet from my personal brand to the Sun for the Super Bowl in Los Angeles.


Will you have field level access?  

The photographers are the only ones with field-level access. Teams have reporters and radio/TV personalities on the field. Writers are in the press box and the auxiliary press box. If you want to imagine what the auxiliary press box is, set up Army men at the bottom of your stairs and sit at the top of your stairs!

How will your coverage standout in the mass of sports media that converge on the Super Bowl?

I like to find unique stories behind the scenes, like the workers who make things happen, merchandise officials who fly in from all over, retired or current NFL players at events, the airport when the teams come in and fun events. There are also the weather stories as well. One year while covering the Bills, one of the defensive backs was faxing me his daily observations and we did a “diary” of Super Bowl week. It’s also fun to talk to family and friends of the players, or former college and high school coaches to hear stories of overcoming adversity.

Will your son Nick be going with you as an assistant or is his band playing in the halftime show?

He will laugh at all parts of this question. No, he is busy writing a new album and I’m looking forward to watching the production while playing with his dog, Static.

While in L.A will you be doing anything interesting? Whiskey GoGo?

I kinda thought about some of the events the week of the game and the Super Bowl were interesting. But I’m sure I can fit something else in.

Early predictions on the game?

Last year while I was in Tampa Bay, the home team won. I anticipate the same thing happening this year, the home team, the Rams, will win.

Who will be reporting the news in Wellsville and Hornell with you gone?

The past 10 years I’ve worked like there is a pandemic, reporting from anywhere and everywhere without sitting in an office for nine hours.

One year while having to be editor and page designer at the Tribune and Daily Reporter, I brought my desktop computer to Covington, Virginia, during a week-long trip with a baseball team. I left the computer in the breakfast area under the buffet line where they store napkins and condiments (it was the only area with WiFi). I would work four hours in the morning and then finish up at night.

So the answer is, I will have my laptop, and it will be easy to post stories.

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