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Scio NY votes to go all-in on legal cannabis


By Andrew Harris

The little town of Scio NY government agreed last night to welcome the cannabis industry into town. After two recent meetings full of robust discussion on the subject, Town Supervisor Jon Elliott made motion for a board vote to “opt-in,” and the motion was carried.

Elliott had this to say about the vote:

” After much discussion Scio opted in on retail cannabis dispensaries and consumption lounges. We discussed for more than a half hour last night before voting. After listening I finally made the motion to opt in and it was carried. I got the idea the feeling was it is inevitable and might as well be in the front of the bus rather then the back.”

The decision places Scio in the unique position of being able to capture a marketplace which neighboring municipalities have chosen to “opt-out” of legal cannabis. The surrounding town of Amity, the village of Angelica, and the village Wellsville have all formally banned the industry from operating retail dispensaries and consumption lounges.

Will this decision put Scio on the map? What impact will this have on the Scio tax base ? Would the old Hydramec facility in the center of town be a possible future cannabis facility? Time will tell and the Wellsville Sun will be keeping close tabs on this evolving industry in Allegany County.

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