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The age-old Thanksgiving question gets a definitive answer


White meat widely favored over dark, one in nine skip the bird

By Andrew Harris

Thanksgiving 2023 is officially over, Wellsville and Hornell have both launched into Christmas mode and most of the leftovers are gone.

You probably ate too much, and you probably ate turkey. Did you know Americans eat 40 million turkeys each Thanksgiving? According to almost four hundred eaters in the Hornell and Wellsville area, 56.5% prefer the white meat. The question of why has been asked in national polling, revealing that Americans choose white meat because they believe it to be healthier.

34.6% of eaters do prefer dark meat, which typically has more flavor and is more “moist” than white meat. Sorry for using the word “moist,” as a descriptor. Nothing is funnier to me than those who wince and squeal at the word, “moist.”

The surprise of the poll was that 1 in 9 southern tier eaters choose to forgo the bird altogether.

In 2020, consumer data revealed that sales of the popular vegan holiday roast, Tofurky, increased by 22%. This roast is largely made from a legume based recipe that creates a happy medium between dark and white. The roast is stuffed with a typical stuffing and comes with a savory gravy. Each roast costs about twenty dollars and serves six with ease. Giant Food Mart still has a few in stock, look for them in the produce section!

More Thanksgiving data from our friends at Yahoo Finance

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