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Jones Memorial Hospital is taking patients and ambulances despite rumors


By John Anderson 11/22/2021 5 p.m.

Jones Memorial Hospital in Wellsville is on a two-hour delay when it comes to admitting new patients or releasing patients who come in to the Emergency Room.

Hospital officials said because of a high volume of patients coming into the hospital today, they are behind in the processing procedure.

“We are still taking patients, we are just in a delay and we expect that to be over in two hours,” said Judy Burt, a communications specialist with the hospital.

When asked if the rumor was true ambulances are being told to take patients to Hornell or Olean, Burt said, “That is not true.” She said some patients are going upstairs for processing. She also said ambulances were told it would not be a quick drop off, that an ambulance would have to wait in some cases for a patient to be taken in.

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