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Allegany County passes 2022 budget and property tax cut


By Michael T. Baldwin

Allegany County has a new budget for 2022…but the vote wasn’t unanimous. Wellsville Republican Gary Barnes rejected the plan and legislators Steve Havey and Deb Root were absent. Legislator Brooke Harris from Alfred Station was a huge supporter of the spending plan, calling it a “sound and responsible budget.”   

Harris said he was very happy to see an additional reduction in the property tax levy that was approved before the final vote. Barnes also voted against the amendment. “It should be noted again that this will be the 12th consecutive county budget that shows a countywide average tax decrease,” Harris added. This further reduction (from the amendment)  will set the average rate per thousand to a level not seen since 2004. Harris also noted that a reduction in the average property tax rate is an effort in economic development.

Legislator John Ricci simply said that he supported everything his colleague from Alfred Station said. Legislator Dwight “Mike” Healey of Belmont concluded the discussion by saying “who could argue with that…really.”

Listen to audio of legislator comments:

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