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The Golden Crone: Manna


From the Golden Crone, 11/15/21

 Last week I told you I was taking a leap into The Unknown and invited you to do the same. I am curious about your results. If you would like to share message me on Facebook, The-Golden-Crone.

 Here’s what happened on my end.

  Just like magic I formed the intention, wrote the words, released them and waited for the Universe to respond.

 Now, I used to have to peel my eyelids open and use industrial hearing aids in order to pick up on the Universe’ response.

 I would hope and think so hard about my desired outcome that I didn’t even realize I was stomping all the breadcrumbs left for me to follow. I was dense, afraid and ungrateful.

 This time all that changed. Almost as soon as my electronic ink dried, manna began falling. Instead of sogging it with selfish tears I gathered the quiet miracles and fed them to my heart.

 Where I had previously seen obstacles, opportunities arose. I tackled the challenges I had been shrinking from and saw encouraging results!

 The kindness and well wishes from beloved friends encouraged me. I realized that I am here not to struggle, but to thrive. My approach is the key.

  I knew that when I lept the Universe would catch me. It did so by offering opportunities to improve, strengthen and grow. Thankfully those gifts were couched in love, generosity, and assistance from friends and family.

 If you too have taken a leap but feel as though you landed on a craggy cliff remember to breathe and adjust your vision. The stones and roots are handholds to higher ground. Take the challenge with a grateful heart.

 Should you need encouragement please call on me. Love is the base of strength. I am fortunate to have enough to share.

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