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By Lacey Gardner

Andover Exclusive: Andover Young People Commended for Halloween Antics


From, 11/2/21

Halloween in Andover is a time for haunted houses, costume parties, trick-or-treating, and in years past a little mischief and mayhem. Most of the annual festivities went according to plan and tradition, but there was a notable absence of mischief and mayhem this year.

Past years have seen shaving cream fights breaking out in the streets. Other mischief included homes and businesses toilet papered or egged, yard ornaments tipped over and pumpkins smashed. Some teens (allegedly) would return home in the wee hours of the morning covered head to toe in the shaving cream and yoke.

However this year was a little bit different. A brief walk around the village showed no shaving cream residue in the streets. The trees were absent of the now precious commodity, toilet paper. If any eggs were thrown no evidence remains. Officer Rumfelt said that there were no reports called in of teens up to no good. He stated, “It was a very calm year. I really appreciate the kids of Andover and I think their behavior was commendable.”

There were also no noted or reported smashed pumpkins. Pumpkins all over town are sitting unmolested on porches and in yards. Stephen Walker even left 3 massive pumpkins on a jerry-rigged ledge in front of his business on Main Street in prime smashing position. As of this writing the 3 pumpkins were still standing, or sitting depending on how you think about it, on a board attached to the railing in front of the Walker Metalsmiths workshop with hopes and dreams.

Steve’s Intact Pumpkins

Steve stated “I honestly didn’t expect the pumpkins to survive the night.” Whether referring to his rickety temporary ledge or the potential for teen mischief, we can’t be certain.

It appears this year the youth of Andover decided to give the town both a trick and treat by treating us to a mischief-free Halloween. The 3 teens questioned about their activities reported going trick-or-treating with friends and family or passing out treats at their own homes instead of running amok. Apparently it was a school night and they didn’t feel like it.

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