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Meet NY Candidate for Governor Larry Sharpe in Allegany County! UPDATED


NEW LOCATION: Allen Town Hall, 4949 Klein Rd, Fillmore, NY 14735,

Sunday November 21st, 4:30-6pm

From Nathan Mitchell, 11/12/21

Local friends and family can you do me a favor? Can you give me an hour on November 21st and come listen to Larry Sharpe talk in Cuba. This will be Larry’s 4th trip to Allegany County (and every other county in the state). How many other gubernatorial candidates can even say they’ve stepped foot in Allegany county? I promise you it will be worth your time to come hear what he has to say. Feel free to bring questions and concerns, he is more then willing to give you his honest thoughts and opinions on them. Please don’t go to the ballot box next year ill-informed. Come listen to Larry’s plans for the state and see if you think he is the right choice.

More about Larry Sharp:

Former US Marine, current businessman, educator, nationally distributed podcaster, husband and father, Larry Sharpe was a candidate for New York Governor in 2018. During that campaign he broke records for the highest number of votes cast for a Libertarian Party candidate in New York. He also made history as the only gubernatorial candidate to visit personally all 62 counties, a feat which has been dubbed, “running the Full Sharpe!” Larry Sharpe would like to hear your concerns and discuss innovative solutions to important current issues. No admission fee, but come prepared to order lunch to support a local business!

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