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By Lacey Gardner

Gretchen Hanchett Looks Forward


My name is Gretchen Hanchett, and I am the executive director of the Greater Allegany County Chamber of Commerce & Business/Community Development Director. Previously I was with ACCORD Corp. as Business & Community Development Director. I have served our business community for over 15 years in various civic roles.

Through the Greater Allegany County Chamber of Commerce, we administered the Allegany County Tourism program from 2010 to present, with an increase of 36% in tourism spending as reflected in the State Tourism Impact Reports through 2019. It is a pleasure and honor to promote and support our picturesque county, businesses, entrepreneurs, and communities. Its certainty has been a true passion. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to support District 2 and our county in a new role as your county legislator.

You will find that I am committed and willing to listen. I support activities that promote job creation with responsible growth, and promotion of entrepreneurs and small businesses. I will work with town and village governments and hope that you and I can work together for a positive future.

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