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Alfred Town Talk: Highlights from October 14th Town Meeting


Solar, Budget, and Sidewalk

By Dan Acton, Town Supervisor, 10/25/21

The bulk of the Town Board meeting was taken up with discussion of the proposed solar project at 5568 Jericho Hill Road-County Route 12. Engineers representing the Town questioned the project developers regarding landscaping both on and off the premises that would provide a sight barrier for the project. Jim Ninos reflected concerns of the Village about possible storm drainage from the project that may damage bridges across Kanacadea Creek. The developers indicated their design provides for sight barriers and storm water runoff.

Our engineers indicated that other projects in the region have had difficulty driving H-beams into the ground on which the solar panels are mounted. The project design did not include adequate geo-technical studies to properly address this issue. The developers were advised that this information was needed and as a result, no action was taken on their application.

Based on our community survey showing that 72% of respondents approve the sale of recreational marijuana the board took no action to prohibit retail sales in the Town. However, given that the community was almost evenly split regarding on-site consumption the board resolved to opt out, meaning that on-site consumption in retail establishments will be prohibited in the Town.

The proposed 2022 Town budget was reviewed. It was within the 2% tax cap and reflected changes such as contracted bookkeeping services and high-speed internet to facilitate online access to Town meetings. The public hearing on the proposed budget will be held at the next town board meeting.

After numerous delays due to the pandemic, engineers Clark Patterson Lee in consultation with DOT provided us with visuals of a proposed sidewalk which goes from Dollar General to ServU Credit Union. Each property owner along this route will be contacted for their feedback on the project. Community members can view visuals by going to the Town website which is: Comments can be made to:

Finally, Northland Power is holding a Thursday October 28, 7:00 p.m. virtual community meeting regarding their proposed solar project on McAndrews Road. We encourage all Town residents to attend this by registering at our website:

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