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It’s Election Season! Countywide voting on November 2nd


From Andrew Harris, 10/7/21

Every citizen of Allegany County has a stake in the upcoming general election. This election will completely change the composition of the Allegany County Legislature and impact every town in the county.

With a little less than a month until the ballots are cast, the Wellsville Sun will be providing ongoing coverage of both the candidates, or lack thereof. CANDIDATES: We want to hear from you and have established the following guidelines to provide fair exposure for every candidate:

  1. Every candidate for public office in Allegany County may submit a “Meet the Candidate” piece that introduces you to the voter and lays out the politicians resume, policy goals, and reasons for seeking public office. Please include a picture and any websites/social media pages that should be included.
  2. Every candidate for office in Allegany County may request a personal interview. These interviews must be either conducted in person or over the phone. Sorry, no email interviews for the main event. If you would like to sit down with the Wellsville Sun to discuss your candidacy, please contact us immediately at
  3. Endorsement editorials will be accepted from supporters of candidates but must include name, a picture, and home district.
  4. Friday October 29st, the Wellsville Sun will be the last day we will publish any election related submissions from candidates or supporters. Please have submissions sent in no later than Thursday October 28th.

Here is the full ballot for the county wide election provided by the Allegany County Board of Elections:

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