Hey It’s $13 Thousand, not $13 Million!!!


Like I mentioned, I’m wearing rose-colored glasses. When our Congressman Tom Reed announced he had obtained a grant for $13,000, my headline announced $13,000,000!! I’m not joking: Almost immediately my gunslinger lawyer sent me an urgent text message and the correction was swiftly made. You really want to have a legal team apt enough to catch any multi-million dollar errors before things get out of hand.

Prior to that minor decimal issue, Barb Woolston had to point out that I’d mixed up family member names in a presser about Joseph Damiano’s bid for re-election. The correction was made at lightening speed and please, don’t vote for Michael Damiano. I’m pretty sure he has his hands full already. Click Here to Vote for Joseph

Despite all this embarrassing folly, the Wellsville Sun pressed forward and made some new partnerships in the last twenty-four hours worth mentioning. Our banking will officially be at ALCO Federal Credit Union and its worth looking into. They offer business accounts that are FREE.

L’Italia invited me to stop in and chat about the restaurant world for an hour. Jazz, Casey, and myself all hope that conversation is the beginning of putting Wellsville on the map as a culinary destination. What other little town has upwards to two dozen places to eat and with more to come? I hope to have a similar conversation with all the eateries in town about a collective marketing plan. This industry has been turned upside down and now is the time to consider how to best capitalize on the imminent recovery(the next roaring 20’s).

Maybe the best meeting yet, was with a person who could not be more involved in making this a better place to live. Her husband is newly elected to the village board and has served the community for decades. She has children who operate a Main Street business and make great contributions to Wellsville. Jodi Pearson is an executive at Jones Memorial Hospital and also operates the Howard Hanna real estate office on Main Street.

Jodi and I had a great talk and I’m very grateful for her support. Its hard to believe but did you know that Wellsville has a housing shortage? Demand is approaching levels that could create a new house building boom in Wellsville. Things are changing fast and I welcome that!!

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