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Allegany Hope: Covid-19 in the Allegany County Jail


By Casey Jones, Editor of Allegany Hope Community News, 9/24/21

BREAKING – EXCLUSIVE: Sheriff Ricky L. Whitney declared today that “(p)eople in Allegany County need to get vaccinated” as the Allegany County Sheriff’s Office NY copes with a COVID-19 outbreak at the jail which came in from outside the facility and currently has infected a tenth of the inmate population.

The sheriff made the comment this afternoon following a query by Allegany Hope in regard to the outbreak which went from one inmate on sick call to seven out of 70 current inmates. A staff member also is out of work until next week with the virus but it is unknown where that individual contracted the disease.

The first inmate was found to be carrying the virus on Monday, which resulted in testing of the entire housing unit which turned up four more positives. One additional was found on both Tuesday and Wednesday, bringing the total to date to seven.

There currently are 30 more in quarantine between two housing units, with one pod being used for positive cases and the second for quarantines. An additional three units are housing the balance of the inmates, with quarantine protocols also being used with new inmates, the sheriff said.

Whitney notes the department already had planned for such a circumstance and is following its procedures. The department has had staff positives and quarantines, as we have reported previously, but this is the first outbreak among the jail population.

He said it is suspected the virus was brought into the jail by either an attorney or a staff member who was asymptomatic.
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