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Staff Reports, 9/25/21, Image depicts recent shootings in Elmira NY

Elmira Chaos Continues

Elmira NY has been in the news quite often this year, and most of the events making headlines are bad news. WETM, aka, has reporting today that includes a vicious attack on a corrections officer, meth related crime, and this morning SWAT team members responded to a “Active Critical Incident.” The incident involves a most recent violent shooting in the city plagued by violence.

Drugs appear to be a major driver of the violence, methamphetamine in particular. Police arrested a Elmira woman for selling the drug and are searching for another women accused of the same crime. Three weeks ago a Elmira man was arrested for meth related crimes after he accidently shot himself.

Steuben County Bad News

In neighboring Steuben County, the news of the day isn’t pretty either. A massive car crash on I-99 resulted in four people being hospitalized after multi-vehicle accident. A 73 year old woman entered the highway going to the wrong direction and collided with three different vehicles. Three of the four people involved in the crash had to be airlifted for emergency treatment. The reason that the woman drove into incoming traffic is under investigation.

A 71 year old Prattsburgh man who went missing during this weeks flash flooding was found dead in Trout Creek on Thursday. The man had been riding a UTV near the creek when flood waters overwhelmed him.

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