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A fitting service for Fred Roberts


By John Anderson, picture of three generations from Brent Roberts, 9/18/21

Not only was it a perfect day, but a beautiful turn out and tribute by the Morrison Hayes Post 702 Wellsville American Legion Honor Guard as volunteers presented full honors for deceased United States Marine Corp Vietnam Veteran, Fred Roberts Jr. on Friday.

It was fitting so many friends and family attended the wake on Thursday and the service on Friday at the Standards Cemetery.

Fred passed away on 9/11, and it was not expected. He had some health issues but we all hoped he was going to pull through and live and keep us laughing in comfort.

During his life, the Wellsville High graduate served two tours of Vietnam and worked for Mite-R-lite and Preheater for 30 years. He put in his time as a volunteer in the Wellsville community, helping others at the four big service clubs, two of which helped veterans. He was even a commander of the VFW.

However, what stands out was his passion to be around family. He would travel to military and high school graduations, he would enjoy time at the camp and he would always be that friendly face sipping a Budweiser with one of his daughters, sons or grandkids around.

As spectacular and interesting of a life he had, one thing always stood out about Fred Roberts. The first thing he would ask is “how are YOU doing.” and he meant it. He didn’t talk about the war, his life or the pain he was fighting off. He genuinely wanted to know about you and your family. I had many conversations with Fred that ended with a wink and, “Good chatting with you, Mindy says time to go.”

The tributes and photos online from his family are tremendous. 

I know Fred is proud of all of his children. The membership at the legion with veterans and the sons of the American Legion has increased and maintained thanks to that family. They make you feel welcome and proud to be part of the fraternity.

Godspeed, Fred. Even though you never talked about your service, the community knew and put together a ceremony that would have made you cry with pride one more time like you did before watching your children and grandchildren continue your legacy of service.

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