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V-Ry The Sports Guy: Nitro Circus, Defying The Laws Of Gravity


Last Friday I attended Nitro Circus at Frontier Field in Rochester. Nitro Circus is an action sports tour showcasing stunts and tricks performed by X-Games alumni.

The tour is the brainchild of action sports legend Travis Pastrana, designed to push the limits of gravity. The show has pushed the limits so far that it can no longer be performed in indoor arenas. I have idolized Travis Pastrana since I was a child, so to see the show that he created performed live was a memorable experience!

The show consisted mostly of motocross and BMX riders. The motocross athletes used a series of launch ramps to pull some insane tricks, reaching heights of 40 feet! The BMX athletes performed tricks with various items after dropping in off of a towering ramp.

The performers pulled tricks on bicycles, skateboards, and scooters, they even jumped a garbage can on wheels and did a back-flip with a big wheel meant for children. The show had a series of freestyle and competitive elements. The athletes were good showman and made the night exciting for the fans!

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