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Wellsville Town Supervisor Shad Alsworth Reacts to Political Turmoil in Alma


Alsworth is a strong ally of former Town of Alma Supervisor Ron Staedt who resigned earlier this week

From Andrew Harris, 9/16/21, Photo by Michael T. Baldwin

When Ron Staedt resigned from his post in Alma, NY, the letter he penned to residents made a special mention of Wellsville Town Supervisor Shad Alsworth. Also within that resignation letter, Staedt alluded to New York State Attorney General investigations in Alma, and Wellsville.

“For several years now I have endured the always evolving investigations by the Attorney General’s office (which led to countless subpoenas being issues throughout Alma, Wellsville and other surrounding communities)…” – Ron Staedt

While these investigations are unconfirmed by state officials, one local elected official has confided that a representative from the Attorney Generals office has visited Wellsville. The nature of the investigation was not disclosed.

Wellsville Town Supervisor Shad Alsworth was happy to answer a few questions about Staedt’s resignation and the talk of Attorney General investigations. Alsworth made this statement earlier today:

” Mr. Staedt has endured a lot over the last several years.  I am very unhappy that he has been put into such a position by his own Town Board Members that he has no choice but to resign because the Town of Alma no longer has “Public Officials Insurance”.  Ignorance, collusion, and self-serving interests displayed by several Town Board members led to this debacle.  The Town of Alma is in a much worse position now without the leadership of Mr. Staedt.

Mr. Staedt did not claim that there was an AG investigation in Wellsville.  His statement referred to subpoenas that were issued in Wellsville and surrounding communities during the AG investigation process for the Town of Alma.  I have not been subpoenaed and am unaware of any Town Official that may have been.

Holding public officials accountable is a duty shared by every citizen of this great nation.  Some have greater abilities to hold people accountable than others thru the powers given them by their political and/or earned appointments.  There has been a colossal failure of accountability in the Town of Alma because of the gross failures of some Town, County, and State officials and employees,  coupled with a complacent and misled voting constituency.

Like Mr. Staedt, I will do everything in my power to hold accountable every Official and/or employee in the Town of Wellsville as part of my civic and elected duty.  I will stop at nothing to accomplish that task.”

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