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I Saved Over 50% On My Car Insurance By Calling The Evans Agency in Wellsville


From the Editor, 9/4/21

This might sound like that old Geico commercial, “I just saved 15% on my car insurance by switching to Geico.” Sure this is a quasi-commercial, reporting on my most recent interaction The Evans Agency(formerly Richardson and Stout.) The truth of the matter is that I just saved over 50% on my car insurance by calling Jessica Stevens at The Evans Agency!

Some background on the last time Jessica, the auto insurance expert at Evans, went over and above normal expectations to save my butt:

“I just called Evans Insurance Agency in downtown Wellsville, previously Richardson and Stout, for a confusing customer service issue at 4pm on a gorgeous Friday afternoon. The point person for auto policies, Jessica, solved the problem before the weekend arrived. Are you getting your car insurance on Main Street Wellsville from that kinda of dedicated agent?”

Last week after hours of grumbling to myself about how much I was paying for insurance I decided to shoot Jessica an email. Here is how that inquiry went, with some panache:

Me: Hey Jessica, my insurance rate is so chicken clucking high that it’s draining my pitful bank account. Can you help?

Jessica: Sure I will do my best and get back to you!!

9 seconds later….

Jessica: Hi Andrew I did some checking around and this policy from Main Street America (MSA). To compare, your two policies combined your premium is $2581, the MSA quote is $1668 for the year.

Me: Holy Chautauqua! That is over $900 dollars in savings!! Are you sure you didn’t transpose a number or something?

Jessica: Nope!! That is the quote received from MSA!! I’m so happy to be able to save you all this money.

Me: Happy is not the word I am feeling! *cracks beer, toasts to himself and his luck*

Jessica: Great! I’ll get this policy going and then cancel your existing policies. Watch your email for new insurance cards and policy details.

Eleven seconds later an email arrives with new insurance cards and I’ve raked back almost a grand into the family coffer(which was empty so that helps a lot.)

Call Jessica at The Evans Agency first thing next week and give her a chance to earn your business. Full disclosure, The Evans Agency is a sponsor of the Wellsville Sun.

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