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V-Ry The Sports Guy: My Day At The Race


It starts with a rumble, it grows into a roar, and it screams like a banshee as it tears down the straightaway at a cool 185 mph. A racecar is nothing but raw power and speed! When 37 of them take off from the starting line it sounds like an explosion and it reverberates through your entire body. 

I was lucky enough to experience my first race from pit lane as part of the media and as a guest of the #37 car owner and the team of driver Ryan Preece. Pit lane is loud, it’s crazy, and it smells like gas and burning rubber. I was prepared for the noise, but my jaw hit the floor as I witnessed the sheer speed of these powerful machines.

Being so close to the action, the speed, the noise, and the smells instills in you a sense of danger as your adrenaline begins to rush and your heart starts to pound. As the cars approach your location throughout the race, the ground starts to shake and they pass you so quickly it’s impossible to tell who is leading. Watching on TV does not do NASCAR racing justice, it needs to be experienced first hand.

My day at The Glen was hot, hectic, and exhausting, but totally worth it! The experience was addicting and I can’t wait for next year. As a sports fan I can unequivocally say that I am hooked, I only wish that I could go that fast, it must feel like freedom!

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