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By Lacey Gardner

The Golden Crone: Lemniscate


Yesterday I resolved to work  harder.

Today I slept in late.

My very nature grates like a whining dog.

Distractions intrude and I succumb.

The number of jobs in my to-do list is greater than the hours in a day.

Productivity feels like a spiral trap.

But, maybe it’s a lemniscate.

All things leading to the next, expanding with every learned lesson.

I find comfort in that concept, so I’ll adopt it.

While the tomatoes ripen and apples begin to drop I always find myself with more ideas than I can manage.

This year, instead of placing them in a cardboard box to rot, I’ll take time to preserve them. When winter winds howl I’ll pull inspiration from the pages of gold leaf stamped notebooks and feel the fullness of Sol’s intention to light the moonlight months.

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