V-Ry the Sports Guy: The Week In Review


NBA Finals

The NBA Finals are slowly winding down with game 6 set for tonight. The Suns jumped out to a 2-0 series lead, but have since dropped three straight and now trail the Bucks 3-2 heading into a potential elimination game. I expect the Suns to force a game 7 with another strong effort from Devin Booker who scored 40 points  in back to back losses for the first time in NBA Finals history.

Yankees v. Red Sox

In MLB news, the Yankees beat the Red Sox for the first time this season on Saturday behind another brilliant outing by pitcher Gerrit Cole. After an exciting and dramatic weekend, the Red Sox now lead the season series 7-2.

It is a historic Sellers Market!!


The United States defeats Canada to win Group-B and advance to the elimination round. The U.S. looks really strong for not having played with each other for very long.


Lewis Hamilton of Team Mercedes wins the British Grand Prix, while teammate Valtteri Bottas finishes 3rd and Charles LeClerc of Team Ferrari claims 2nd after leading every lap. Early in the race, Hamilton put Max Verstappen of Team Red Bull into the wall attempting a desperate move only to receive a 10 second time penalty, while Verstappen’s day was done. 

What to Watch 

The Tokyo Olympics officially start this Friday at 7AM on NBC with the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony will be rebroadcast in primetime on NBC at 7:30PM as well

Conor Who?

On July 10th, Conor “Notorious” McGregor, the pride of Dublin, Ireland, lost once again, falling to Dustin Poirier for the second time in less than a year. McGregor limped away from the fight with a broken leg that had to be surgically repaired, and of course a bruised ego. In typical Conor McGregor fashion, he called Poirier’s win “illegitimate” in his post fight comments. Prior to the fight, McGregor stated that he would “make him leave on a stretcher” referring to Poirier, it appears the exact opposite actually occurred.

McGregor Taking a Punch From Poirier

Conor McGregor began his professional fighting career in 2008, but didn’t make his UFC debut until 2013. McGregor has an overall professional career record of 22-6, but a modest UFC mark of 10-4. However, with one win and just four fights in the last five years, it may be time to call a TKO on his mediocre career. At one point, McGregor became the first fighter in UFC history to hold the featherweight and lightweight titles simultaneously, but later vacated both due to inactivity.

There’s no denying that Conor McGregor is good for the sport in terms of popularity, marketability, and profitability, but in my opinion he’s not a great fighter, his best win arguably came against Jose Aldo in 2015. Due to his popularity, McGregor was able to land a bout with boxer Floyd Mayweather which as expected, he inevitably lost although to my surprise, he did last 10 rounds. For someone that prides themselves on their striking skills, an 0-1 professional boxing career record is nothing to brag about. I don’t know if McGregor will fight in the UFC again after his latest injury and continuous talk of retirement, but there appears to be a lack commitment to the sport and at this stage of his career, I think he’s “all show and no go.”

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