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Allegany County Covid-19 Data Shows Alarming Trend


From the Editor, 7/20/21

Allegany County has the lowest vaccination rate in NYS, nearly twenty percent lower than the state average. Last week our county Health Department noted the largest number of positive test results in many weeks. Nationally, those new cases are almost entirely the unvaccinated being infected with the latest mutation of Covid-19, the virulent Delta variant. Also worth noting within the larger national data, those who are vaccinated but do get infected with the Delta variant, are not becoming seriously ill.

What does this mean for Allegany County, with one of the lowest vaccination rates in the nation? With about sixty percent of the population unvaccinated, the potential for an over load on our healthcare system looms large. In California, mask mandates have re-appeared in some metro areas. Public health officials in New York City are once again pondering the same question, just weeks after “re-opening.” Manhattan Councilman Mark Levine put is plainly, “We can’t ignore what is happening here.”

Allegany County continues the effort to vaccinate citizens, click this link to find out about the next FREE clinic. The question of ‘what will happen?’, when the Delta variant spreads through our county is yet to be seen…. This is the most recent hard data from the Allegany County Department of Health:

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