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Pouring Rain, Gully Washers, Street Flooding


From the Editor, 7/17/21

Another Day of Rain In Wet Wellsville Under a Flood Watch

To paraphrase Winnie the Pooh, ‘the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down into the rushing rising river.’

It wasn’t long ago that the land was dry and the water table was quite low. The old artisan well near my house, constructed about 1860 for(or by) the Shea family, was very low. The pond was half dry already and keeping the gardens watered was a regular chore. This year, I haven’t watered my garden since mid-June and the barnyard is a saturated muck mess.

The heavy rain has caused problems all over Wellsville: Most notably on the south east side of town, where the water off Rauber Hill meets Williams Avenue. From Williams Avenue the water flows toward a culvert on South Main Street, near Crandall Memorials, but very slowly, flooding backyards and basements. As we’ve discussed with the Village of Wellsville Director of Public Works, Bill Whitfield, the historic rainfalls have created challenges that don’t have easy answers. Read that previous reporting here.

West State Street, Photo From Bob Sobeck

Across the village of Wellsville, on the “Brooklyn” side of town(Pink House side of town), storm waters are creating more havoc. Water flowing off Niles Hill seems to be concentrated on West State Street as seen from this picture we stole off Bob Sobeck’s Facebook page! A drive up West State was through well over a foot of water, while Earley and Pine Streets seem to be draining properly.

Flooded basement?

Call Tim Shea!!!

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