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Birth Announcement: Osprey Family Hatch Two Eyass


All photos by Melanie Hunt Streeter,

A local osprey nest presented some new Allegany County residents last week. Nature photographer and raptor aficionada, Melanie Hunt Streeter, discovered the new arrivals only hours after they hatched. As clear from the picture above, the parents are very proud. At first only one eyass was visible, named “Horatio.”

The next time the photographer visited the nest, another little head appeared, named, “Hortense.”

Horatio and Hortense

It didn’t take long for the folks to bring back groceries either. In this striking image, dad is bringing lunch back to the nest while already yelling at the kids.

If you follow the raptor news on this site then you might recall the accounting of the tragedy which unfolded last year. So far this year the proud parents have been living a great life, raising a family on the Genesee River. Even getting a little quiet time….

Want to see more of Melanie’s photography? Browse and purchase, just click here!

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