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By John Tucker

State Senator George Borrello Reacts to Statewide Lifting of Covid-19 Restrictions


“The Governor’s move to lift the remaining COVID restrictions on businesses and in public spaces – while welcome news, of course – is long overdue. Despite his attempt to position himself as a hero, this progress is a credit to the resilience and commitment of New Yorkers, who have endured extraordinary challenges over the past 15 months as well as the arbitrary edicts of a leader who has sought to use this crisis to his political advantage.

“Today’s declaration only underscores the reality that the Governor still wields unilateral, decision-making power thanks to the Legislature’s failure to reassert its constitutional duty before the end of the legislative session.  As an impeachment inquiry and investigations into his many misdeeds continue behind the scenes, he still possesses the sole ability to determine the fate of twenty million New Yorkers and one of the country’s largest economies.
“With the ‘emergency’ clearly over and confirmed by the Governor’s announcement today, then it is the Legislature’s responsibility to return to Albany to end the disaster declaration and the unjustifiable executive power it is perpetuating.”

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