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Michelle Staedt Running For Re-Election in the Town of Alma


My name is Michelle Staedt, and I am running in the Republican Party to be re-elected for Town Clerk and Tax Collector in the Town of Alma, NY.

I have resided in the Town of Alma for 10 years but have visited the town quite a number of times including coming here while dating my husband (married for almost 38 years) to canoe on Alma Pond. I am the mother of 5 and grandmother of 2 precious children.

I have been your Town Clerk for 8 years and would continue to do the very job that you have elected me twice for, the kindness and integrity that this office should always hold. I have always made an effort to save the town money when it comes to my office including the use of utilities, and the supplies that are needed including purchasing them myself.

I am not making any campaign promises. Those are always put out and hardly ever kept like so many. I will continue to be the strong Christian women that I have always displayed to my family and my community, be honest and truthful, treat everyone with the utmost respect, and do my job according to the LAW that this State & government have presented and made, no more.

With great appreciation, please place your vote to reelect Michelle Staedt at the Primary Elections on June 22, 2021.

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