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Wellsville track sweeps tri-meet; GV/Belfast claims gold; B-R softball downs Hornell (photos)


By CHRIS BROOKS, managing editor,

WELLSVILLE — After experiencing one of the Section’s most elite track squads in a road trip to Rush-Henrietta earlier this week, the Lions of Wellsville were on the button in their return home on Wednesday, as they used the Monday night visit as fuel to stride their way towards a tri-match sweep of both Bolivar-Richburg (126-7, 99-33) and Cuba-Rushford (96-36, 102-29).

For the boys team, the Lions were able to fuel up their engines with 15 total first place finishes to set up shop for their victorious night of competition, with Xavier Scott and Ayden Faulkner each winning three times on both ends of the spectrum. Scott led the way with two wins of the track and one in the field with first place finishes in the 100 dash, 110 hurdles and high jump, while Faulkner added in two wins from the sand bunker by recording winning distances in the long and triple jumps, along with a top finish in the 400 sprint on the track.

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Noah Joslyn and Grady Ball each tallied two wins to help further the Lions and their cause, with Joslyn recording top finishes in the 800 spring and 1600 run, while Ball brought out the brooms with a sweep in both throwing events from the field, tallying winning distances in the shot put and discus. Wellsville would also collect two wins out of three in the relay department along the way, placing first in the 1600 and 3200 relays.

Other individual winners for the Lions include Kamron Dodge in the 3200 run, JT Mariotti in the 400 hurdles and Brayden Riley in the pole vault.

Cuba-Rushford would place second overall, as they laid claim to an 82-17 win over the Wolverines behind two first place finishes on the track. Anderson Siegel was the lone winner individually for the Rebels, scoring a first place finish in the 200 dash. Siegel also ran the opening leg in the team’s lone relay victory, racing towards a winning time in the 400 relay.

On the girls side, the Lady Lions fueled their match sweep of both Bolivar-Richburg and Cuba-Rushford with eight first place finishes, including a complete sweep of all three relay events — the 400, 1600 and 3200. The individual triumphs were paced by another sweep, this time by Kaylee Oswald from the field, as she recorded winning distances in both the shot put and discus to claim gold.

Brooklyn Dahlgren and Addy Clark each added in a win of their own from the field, taking the victories in the high jump and pole vault respectively. Rounding off was Allie Bidzerkowny with the team’s lone individual win from the track, as she raced towards victory in the 800 sprint.

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Placing second behind the Lady Lions were the Lady Wolverines, as they gathered five first place finishes to help the cause in a 60-46 decision over Cuba-Rushford. Leading the charge was Nadia Baldwin and Kori Thomas, who each had a pair of individual wins to pave the way. Baldwin collected one in both the field, and on the track, with wins in the 200 dash and long jump. Thomas swept both hurdling events — the 100 and 400 hurdles, to claim the top prize.

Carmen Crowley had the team’s final individual win from the field, adding in a win in the triple jump. Bolivar-Richburg will end the weekend with a visit to Salamanca on Friday beginning at 4:30 p.m. before heading out for Invitational action in Olean, Saturday afternoon.

The Lady Rebels placed third behind four first place finishes, all on the track, with Libby Drum pacing the wins with a complete sweep in the distance events — the 1500 and 3000 runs. Brynn Lavery added in a 100 dash victory, while Sofia Riquelme was victorious in the 400 sprint.

Wellsville will join Cuba-Rushford along with Bolivar-Richburg on a trip to Olean for Invitational action, Saturday.

Boys Team Scores: Wellsville 126, Bolivar-Richburg 7; Wellsville 96, Cuba-Rushford 36; Cuba-Rushford 82, Bolivar-Richburg 17.


100 – 1. Xavier Scott (WLSV) 12.1, 2. Anderson Siegel (C-R), 3. Maddox Keller (C-R).

200 – 1. Anderson Siegel (C-R) 25.1, 2. Evan Billings (WLSV), 3. Alex Baron (C-R).

400 – 1. Ayden Faulkner (WLSV) 57.5, Sawyer Rouse (C-R), 3. Dustin Murray (B-R).

800 – 1. Noah Joslyn (WLSV) 2:16.4, 2. Joe Wojciechowski (C-R), 3. Riley Wilson (C-R).

1600 – 1. Noah Joslyn (WLSV) 5:11.7, 2. Joe Wojciechowski (C-R), 3. Kamron Dodge (WLSV).

3200 – 1. Kamron Dodge (WLSV) 12:36.8, 2. Sean Driscoll (WLSV), 3. Nathaniel Flansburg (WLSV).

110H – 1. Xavier Scott (WLSV) 16.5.

400H – 1. JT Mariotti (WLSV) 1:09.6, 2. Jack Davis (WLSV).

400R – 1. Cuba-Rushford (Siegel, Baron, Keller, Ahrens) 48.2, 2. Wellsville.

1600R – 1. Wellsville (Billings, Mariotti, Joslyn, Faulkner) 3:55.9, 2. Cuba-Rushford.

3200R – 1. Wellsville (Webster, Driscoll, Mariotti, Flansburg) 12:32.7.

Shot – 1. Grady Ball (WLSV) 35-7, 2. Tristan Clayson (C-R), 3. Gabe Black (WLSV).

Discus – 1. Grady Ball (WLSV) 99-8, 2. Tristan Clayson (C-R), 3. Noah Black (WLSV).

High Jump – 1. Xavier Scott (WLSV) 4-11, 2. Brayden Riley (WLSV), 3. Landon Cinque (WLSV).

Long Jump – 1. Ayden Faulkner (WLSV) 18-1.5, 2. Peyton Joy (C-R), 3. Breckham Hunt (C-R).

Tri Jump – 1. Ayden Faulkner (WLSV) 37-1, 2. Brenton Ahrens (C-R), 3. Peyton Joy (C-R).

Pole – 1. Brayden Riley (WLSV) 10-0, 2. Jack Davis (WLSV).

Girls Team Scores: Wellsville 99, Bolivar-Richburg 33; Wellsville 102, Cuba-Rushford 29; Bolivar-Richburg 60, Cuba-Rushford 46.

100 – 1. Brynn Lavery (C-R) 14.3, 2. Brooklyn Dahlgren (WLSV), 3. Sofia Riquelme (C-R).

200 – 1. Nadia Baldwin (B-R) 29.5, 2. Brooklyn Dahlgren (WLSV), 3. Brynn Lavery (C-R).

400 – 1. Sofia Riquelme (C-R) 1:07.7, 2. Maddie Muurisepp (WLSV), 3. Carmen Crowley (B-R).

800 – 1. Allie Bidzerkowny (WLSV) 3:09.9, 2. Grace Kinnicutt (WLSV), 3. Ella Green (WLSV).

1500 – 1. Libby Drum (C-R) 5:45.9, 2. Ella Green (WLSV), 3. Sam Bidzerkowny (WLSV).

3000 – 1. Libby Drum (C-R) 12:58.1, 2. Sam Bidzerkowny (WLSV).

100H – 1. Kori Thomas (B-R) 18.9, 2. Maddie Muurisepp (WLSV), 3. Talia O’Connor (WLSV).

400H – 1. Kori Thomas (B-R) 1:24.2, 2. Talia O’Connor (WLSV), 3. Addison Hackett (B-R).

400R – 1. Wellsville (Clark, Middaugh, Brantley, Dahlgren) 57.8, 2. Bolivar-Richburg.

1600R – 1. Wellsville (Middaugh, O’Connor, Muurisepp, Weinhauer) 5:04.1, 2. Cuba-Rushford.

3200R – 1. Wellsville (Waldon, Green, Budinger, Kinnicutt) 13:56.7.

Shot – 1. Kaylee Oswald (WLSV) 29-8.25, 2. Grace Kinnicutt (WLSV), 3. Caitlin Bittel (WLSV).

Discus – 1. Kaylee Oswald (WLSV) 109-6, 2. Grace Kinnicutt (WLSV), 3. Caitlin Bittel (WLSV).

High Jump – 1. Brooklyn Dahlgren (WLSV) 4-7, 2. McKenna Wonderling (WLSV), 3. Marissa Weinahuer (WLSV).

Long Jump – 1. Nadia Baldwin (B-R) 14-4, 2. Carmen Crowley (B-R), 3. Addison Hackett (B-R).

Tri Jump – 1. Carmen Crowley (B-R) 31-2, 2. Alexa Hennessy (WLSV).

Pole – 1. Addy Clark (WLSV) 5-6.

GV/Belfast claims gold, sweeps field in tri-match with Fri/Scio, Fillmore

HOUGHTON — An evening on the track would ultimately belong to Genesee Valley/Belfast across all phases on Wednesday by taking care of business in both the boys and girls division of competition at Houghton University, as they took both team wins over Friendship/Scio (75-36, 58-38) and host Fillmore (63-53, 60-45) they needed to lay claim on the overall meet victory.

For their boys team, Genesee Valley/Belfast’s victory was fueled by a plethora of secondary finishes to pair with five first place wins they added along to it. Among them was Zach Bourne, as he provided the complete sweep in both hurdling events — the 110 and 400 hurdles, to claim the wins. Hayden Burnell tallied the team’s final individual win from the field, scoring a winning distance from the sand bunker with a top finish in the triple jump.

Genesee Valley/Belfast also scored both relay victories in action, garnering winning times in the 400 and 1600 relays.

The Fillmore boys would tally the second place finish with a split of the competition, as they worked their way past Friendship/Scio (58-41) with the win behind six first place wins — two from Brian Ashton, who went on to sweep both throwing events for the Eagles, winning in the shot put and discus. Henry Sardina (400 sprint), Noah Strickland (800 sprint), Ernie Lipscomb (1600 run) and Eli Strickland (3200 run) all chipped in with individual wins of their own.

Friendship/Scio placed third behind a brilliant four-win day from Jordan White, scoring his triumphs in the 100 and 200 dashes, along with wins from the field in the high jump and long jump.

On the girls side, the Genesee Valley/Belfast ladies compiled seven first place wins, two each from Sophia Gambino and Sophie Zillgitt to lead the way. Gambino provided her wins from the track, garnering winning times in the 200 dash and 400 sprint, while Zillgitt scored a win in each field of competition, becoming victorious in the 800 sprint and high jump.

The two competitors would also race legs in the team’s lone relay win, recording the winning time in the 1600 relay. Other individual winners for Genesee Valley/Belfast include Allyson Hazelton in the 400 hurdles and Angel Jimerson in the discus.

The Fillmore ladies followed up the boys squad with a second place finish of their own, scoring a close win over Friendship/Scio (58-41) behind four first place finishes. Among them, two were scored by Ava Sylvester, who placed first in the 1500 run and from the field, in the long jump. Rachel Hatch has the team’s last individual win in the 100 hurdles. The Lady Eagles also collected a 400 relay win along the way.

Friendship/Scio placed third overall with three total top finishes, with Lexi Crossley’s pair of wins in the 100 dash and triple jump leading the efforts. Karlee Cochran had the team’s last in the shot put.

Friendship/Scio and Genesee Valley/Belfast will meet again on Tuesday in Belmont for a 5 p.m. first go. As for Fillmore, they will join Wellsville on a trip to Cuba-Rushford on Tuesday beginning at 5 p.m.

Boys Team Scores: Genesee Valley/Belfast 63, Fillmore 53; Genesee Valley/Belfast 75, Friendship/Scio 36; Fillmore 58, Friendship/Scio 41.


100 – 1. Jordan White (F/S) 11.6, 2 Henry Sardina (FIL), 3. Callin Shipman (GVB).

200 – 1. Jordan White (F/S) 23.9, 2. Damien Rinker (GVB), 3. Callin Shipman (GVB).

400 – 1. Henry Sardina (FIL) 58.0, 2. Damien Rinker (GVB), 3. Graham Bradt (GVB).

800 – 1. Noah Strickland (FIL) 2:25.0, 2. Callahan Tallman (GVB), 3. Tate Jenkins (GVB).

1600 – 1. Ernie Lipscomb (FIL) 5:21.2, 2. Noah Strickland (FIL), 3. Johnathan Webb-Aylor (GVB).

3200 – 1. Eli Strickland (FIL) 11:55.6.

110H – 1. Zach Bourne (GVB) 17.2, 2. Jayce Ashton (FIL), 3. Wade Lewis (F/S).

400H – 1. Zach Bourne (GVB) 1:10.7, 2. Hayden Burnell (GVB).

400R – 1. Genesee Valley/Belfast (Rinker, Burnell, Metatos, Shipman) 56.4.

1600R – 1. Genesee Valley/Belfast (Rinker, Shipman, Bradt, Tallman) 4:53.6.

Shot – 1. Brian Ashton (FIL) 31-10, 2. Gage Hartman (FIL), 3. Kyle Paulson (FIL).

Discus – 1. Brian Ashton (FIL) 73-7.5, 2. Kyle Paulson (FIL), 3. Gage Hartman (FIL).

High Jump – 1. Jordan White (F/S) 5-8, 2. Callahan Tallman (GVB), 3. Wade Lewis (F/S).

Long Jump – 1. Jordan White (F/S) 19-6, 2. Callahan Tallman (GVB), 3. Henry Sardina (FIL)

Tri Jump – 1. Hayden Burnell (GVB) 30-9, 2. Jeremiah Brown (F/S), 3. Wade Lewis (F/S).

Girls Team Scores: Genesee Valley/Belfast 60, Fillmore 45; Genesee Valley/Belfast 58, Friendship/Scio 38; Friendship/Scio 50, Fillmore 36.

100 – 1. Lexi Crossley (F/S) 13.6, 2. Cassidy Scholla (F/S), 3. Kylie Ackerman (FIL).

200 – 1. Sophia Gambino (GVB) 28.7, 2. Lexi Crossley (F/S), 3. Cassidy Scholla (F/S).

400 – 1. Sophia Gambino (GVB) 1:34.7, 2. Ashlynn DeGroff (F/S), 3. Makayla White (FIL).

800 – 1. Sophie Zillgitt (GVB) 2:47.0, 2. Christina McAuley (GVB).

1500 – 1. Ava Sylvester (FIL) 5:51.6.

100H – 1. Rachel Hatch (FIL) 18.2, 2. Jenn Dickens (F/S), 3. Sophie Zillgitt (GVB).

400H – 1. Allyson Hazelton (GVB) 1:22.7.

400R – 1. Fillmore (Miller, Ackerman, Hatch, Sylvester) 1:07.4, 2. Genesee Valley/Belfast.

1600R – 1. Genesee Valley/Belfast (Zillgitt, Carman, Hazelton, Gambino) 5:05.0.

Shot – 1. Karlee Cochran (F/S) 27-7.5, 2. Angel Jimerson (GVB), 3. Sophia Pastorius (FIL).

Discus – 1. Angel Jimerson (GVB) 70-7, 2. Karlee Cochran (F/S), 3. Sophia Pastorius (FIL).

High Jump – 1. Sophie Zillgitt (GVB) 4-4, 2. Sophia Gambino (GVB), 3. Cassidy Scholla (F/S).

Long Jump – 1. Ava Sylvester (FIL) 12-8.25, 2. Lexi Crossley (F/S), 3. Allyson Hazelton (GVB).

Tri Jump – 1. Lexi Crossley (F/S) 26-0, 2. Ava Sylvester (FIL), 3. Morgan Bentley (GVB).


RICHBURG — Delivering a game-opening statement can send shockwaves in each and every direction on the field. But during the very first at-bat of the game? McKinlee Harris took it to a completely different level for the Lady Wolverines of Bolivar-Richburg.

On the second pitch in the game thrown by Jordyn Dyring in the circle for visiting Hornell, the Bolivar-Richburg senior saw it and took it for a ride into deep center field for a lead-off solo shot — one of two first inning home runs that the Lady Wolverines would launch against the Lady Red Raiders, setting up shop for even bigger happenings later on in the battle, as they galloped their way towards an 11-2 home win on Wednesday to begin the first of three games in a three-day stretch.

Harris’ homer came in the midst of a three-run bottom half of the first inning for the Lady Wolverines (3-0), as she rocketed a deep ball into center field to break the ice immediately. After special teams saw them add another run onto the board a short time later, Malayna Ayers helped the team’s cause with another bomb herself, sending one into orbit in the same direction where Harris landed hers — a solo shot of her own, to boost the lead to a trio.

Despite falling behind early, the Lady Red Raiders attempted to fight back with their first scoring threat against Bolivar-Richburg in the second. From within it, Hornell would place runners on first and third, but ultimately could not find the hit to break the ice themselves, as Rylee Whiting delivered a strong end to the team’s stand on defense with a humongous strikeout.

The momentum carried over into the bottom half once again for the Lady Wolverines, this time at a much higher level than before, as they connected with nearly everything they saw at the plate to deliver a seven-run frame to eclipse 10 in the game. A 10-0 lead over the Lady Red Raiders that was never relinquished.

Hornell would manage to grab a pair of runs in the top of third to try and trim down their deficit, with a double from Parker Graham leading the way. Bolivar-Richburg would respond with their final run of the game in the next half of the inning, ensuring their lead permanently.

The Lady Wolverines totaled 11 runs off 11 hits, with four different hitters all tallying two hits each, including Harris, Ayers, Haley Mascho and Madison Carney. Whiting and Allie Zilker each drove in a pair of RBI. On the mound, Whiting went the distance to twirl a five-hit victory, fanning 10 and walking seven.

For the visitors in red, Madison Rudenauer led the bats with two of the team’s five total. In the circle, Lillian Hoyt struck out a pair of Lady Wolverines in her relief appearance.

Bolivar-Richburg will have a quick turnaround back on their home field in Richburg tonight, hosting Friendship/Scio in a colossal 5 p.m. first pitch between two back-to-back Sectional champions.

Hornell 002 000 0 – 2 5 5

Bolivar-Richburg 371 000 X – 11 11 2
HHS – Jordyn Dyring (LP) (3BB), Lillian Hoyt (3) (2K) and Ireland Harrison.

B-R – Rylee Whiting (WP) (CG, 10K, 7BB) and Madigan Harris.

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