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The Golden Crone: Transmute


“Where your fear lies, there your task is” ~ Carl Young

 Today my fear lies in deadlines. I have eight minutes to hit “send”, and I’ve already failed at a goal I had set for today. There are a million reasons. Kids, home, holiday, a puppy (oh my god this puppy. If you love chaos and hate sleeping, run out right now and get a Pyrenees puppy!)

 My work today is not profound. It won’t echo in your mind or set you free. I’m just chatting. Honestly, I’m a bit panicky and short of breath. My legs are buzzing and I’m going to be very close to late for work. But I will not quit. I won’t let it slide.

I promised myself, and our faithful editor, a submission each Monday morning and on that I refuse to fail. If I allow myself to slide, to surrender to the excuses, I have no cause to make the changes necessary to make next week’s deadline. As I write this, part of my mind is delegating menial tasks and anticipating distractions so that next week the Crone will surpass her goals.

 Friends, please take your fears out of the pockets you’ve stuffed them into. Examine and embrace them for what they really are. Opportunities for growth.

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