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Could Beer Be The Key To Overcoming Vaccine Hesitancy ?


Erie County has had some success with a novel idea to promote vaccinations called “A Shot and a Chaser”. Resurgence Brewery hosted the event at its downtown Buffalo Brewery with special guest, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz.

The idea seems to be a big success as officials reported that one day clinic dramatically increased vaccination rates. Over 100 people were vaccinated in just a few hours with a free beer reward. Walk-in clinics that do not provide a free beer were only vaccinating a dozen people, even less at some clinics.

More brewery clinics are planned this month due to the success of the program, and the idea is spreading to other counties in NY. Will Allegany County, with the lowest vaccination rate in New York State, be next? We asked Theresa Moore, of the Allegany County Health Department the question.

“As far as I am aware, the Allegany County Health Department isn’t working on any incentives to get vaccinated. Our current focus is getting vaccines into smaller towns as we’ve already provided loads of vaccines to the Wellsville population.”

Moore brought up a good point that any private business can provide incentives to the community if they so choose. The free market is becoming more and more involved in the vaccination effort because it offers publicity, community spirit, and a marketing opportunity.

Discounts for the vaccinated? Win free concert tickets? Pay less for your car insurance?

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