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Wednesday April 28th is International Denim Day: “We Believe Survivors”


Shannon Ozzella, of the Allegany County District Attorney Victim Services, invites everyone to recognize Denim Day in honor of the 1 in 6 women(underestimate) in our community who have been the victims of sexual assault. Ozzella reminds us that 1 in 9 female children are statistically victims of sexual attacks. Shannon stands up for what she believes in and invites you to join her Wednesday April 28th on the County courthouse front steps at noon, wearing denim in solidarity.

Shannon explains:

“This Wednesday is national ‘wear denim day’ in support of sexual assault survivors. It stated in the early 1990’s in Italy when an 18 year old girl was raped by her driving instructor on her first day of driving instruction. He was arrested and went to jail.

However, the Italian Supreme Court overturned the conviction siting that she was wearing tight jeans therefore she couldn’t have been raped because she would have had to help him remove her jeans. Protesters when they heard this protested in front of parliament wearing denim.

At some point, I’m not sure when, the state of CA did the same thing on the steps of the Capital building and many senators and assembly did the same so now it’s spreading across our country. I sent a large email out to county and state employees and those who are willing and able are going to meet me on the courthouse steps tomorrow(4/28/21) at noon for a group photo.”

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